Bladies, do you find these types of people attractive?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Tokeup2day, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. I mean look at this shit. You see girls on Facebook swooning like crazy over these swagfag tools, why? That's what I'm wondering. They look like 12 year olds. I don't get it.

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  2. Ooohh bladies as in like ladies with a b. Very rico suave of you dude.
  3. You've never heard of that term before? Haha
  4. Lol 16 year old girls maybe.
    Unfriend all your 16 year old female fb friends.
    Problem solved.

  5. A lot of the threads I go to are sausage fests so that term isn't thrown around much.
  6. Older girls like the pictures too.... There's no escape haha
  7. looks like jailbait to me
  8. Right? If a guy was attracted to a girl who looked to be of similar age as that douche, he'd be considered a creep. Double standards these days bahahaha
  9. Just because someones I.d. says they're older than 16 doesn't mean they've grown up.
    Anyone still chasing after little boys like this can't be too mature.
  10. Hahaha nah. When I was 14 maybe. I would be robbing the craddle with those babies. Plus they are probably all about the #swag and #YOLO and #loudkush so I would end up murdering them most likely.
  11. Well I have to agree with you there
  12. #loudkush

    Havent herd that one lol
  13. I've got a machete, axe, shovel, hoe, and a metal rake in my shed. Possibly a spare lawn mower blade. Take your pick

  14. Hahaha well n00bz call all top shelf weed "kush" regardless of strain and I've been hearing "loud" lately to describe good weed so I combined the two to make the world's most obnoxious hashtag hahaha.
  15. this thread has me thoroughly confused.

    why is that kid taking a picture of himself on a weird angle like girls always do?

    what the fuck is going on here?

    and what is "swagfag"? i keep seeing "swag" but i have no idea what it means.. when i was in highschool if you got swag you got a piece of clothing that represented your school.. at least thats what i knew of it anyways lol.
  16. Got Dat #loudfiyadrokushfromcali
  17. Stay innocent my man, please, you do not know what horrors await you hahahaha
  18. in my town it isnt just the new smokers that call everything decent "kush".

    my buddy was like "hey man i can hook you up with some kush" and i was asking is it any good and hes like "its kush man!" and i was like "yeah bud, kush can be pretty terrible just like anything else, what kind of kush is it?" and he just kept saying "kush".

    i did not get any of that weed, and continued to smoke my afghan kush imported from BC.

    i think i forgot what this thread was about.
  19. This is what the thread is about haha

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  20. See also: the female version

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