Blades. What is your profession?

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    *read the title in the voice of King Leonidas to give it some dramatic effect*
    i'm curious to hear what everyone does for a living. some jobs fit well with weed. others straight up surprise me.
    I'm a business analyst for a digital media ad network. I crunch numbers most the day. but we're a startup company, so the other half of my day is spent messing around playing ping pong and corn hole. I also started my own marijuana company (didn't program, just designed and spec'd the product).
    You'd think numbers and weed don't go well together, but it actually helps me pay attention to the details much better. Not that I medicate while at work, but just saying.

  2. I'm a hitman, I specialize in killing people that make stupid threads.
    really? cuz it doesn't look like you've been doing your job.
    weed makes some people smarter and better at their job, but it clearly has a different effect on you. 
  4. He was probably fired and now he's a self employed hitman.
  5. I want to get into marketing/advertising which is really big on the creative factor. Yep... I have wild ideas when I'm high haha.
  6. I'm the goddess of the city, planet and universe ruling alongside Oscar.
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    Used to be a software engineer before becoming disabled..

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  8. I make food for people. Specifically sushi.

    Pays fairly decent for chef salaries go, plus side is I get to get shitfaced at work.
  9. professional panty raider
    why'd you stop after becoming disabled? i can't imagine software engineering requires any physical activity.
  11. Because the disability is mental. I have periods of almost total clarity with a swiss-cheese memory with blackouts. People will not pay for an unreliable engineer, even if he is Brian Kernigan himself. Adding to that the disability I got in the Army a thousand years ago along with spinal arthritis and I have had enough. MMJ treats what can be treated.
  12. Ganja-prenuer & street corner pharmacists
  13. Tempory Factory job making boxes and bubble wrap for ups, FedEx shit like that.

    Last job I had before I moved out of state was painting Harley Davidson's and buell motorcycles.

    But I've been a bartender, server, sales associate, a driver and worked fast food.

    Looking for a full time job that isn't seasonal

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  14. plumber/hvac
  15. Im a caregiver for IHSS

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  16. I think my official title is Outdoor Plumbing and Drainage Motherfucker, or something like that. But I just tell the pedestrian folks I'm a landscaper. :smoke:

    Pretty soon I'll be a full-time nomad. And life will be schweet.
  17. I program CNC mills. What's crazy is I can only do it medicated. Idk if that's because when I learned how to program about 10 years ago I was always baked or what. If I'm not baked I get so frustrated and I'll make lots of mental mistakes.
  18. Seasonal Forestry tech for ten years, Now a full time grow tech. Living the dream !

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  19. A God amongst men...Say it in a Godly voice.
    "You are...A God amongst men." :cool:
  20. Full time college student. So basically I jerk off a lot.
    Take bets at a horse track in the summer

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