Blades, what is wrong with me?

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  1. Good Morning Yall,

    I am on spring break for my CC and have been realizing how much i truly despise privleged people my age...

    Everything I own i have worked for, every trip I have taken I have worked for, etc

    Why cant I be in Boca and drive a brand new BMW and live in a penthouse suite until im 23 and finally graduate school with a pointless degree? :(
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  2. U must value what you worked hard for
  3. It's hard to put what you are going through into perspective for one your age. But let me try to open your eyes....

    First off, everyone who has had to work for everything they have gotten at some point feels that way. Typically it happens when we are younger and have to be busting our asses. As someone said, all of the hard work pays off in many ways. Waite until you are older and you will then see.

    Look at your friends and family who have had that privilege when your all 40. You will see how people have changed for the worse from that life of ease and leisure. You'll see how the lives they live are utter shit and full of misery. At some point you'll cut those people from your life because they just try and drag you down to their misery. They marry people they despise and don't love. They have freinds that covet what they own and who the married and vice versa. Their kids become little dbags who give zero fucks for those around them.

    I looked up some of my so called buddies from back in the day and I also at one time reconnected via a high school reunion with some of my cronies and other people I knew. It was fucking crazy how shitty their lives were. Kids in rehab, over wirght, unhealthy, going on spouse number 3 or 4, and every one of them terrible people who would fuck you over for a dollar. That's what happens to people and their families that live like that.

    When people like that see your happiness and success, Your maturity and intellect that can only come from living a life full of hard work tempered with lots of love, they become jealous and resent you for it. You will in the end cut a lot of those people from your life. You just end up leaving them behind, even when you don't mean to.

    The key though, the thing I have found that keeps all of it into perspective is to not hate those people back. Sure you'll treat them differently but don't hate them because that just leads to becoming like them. Fuck that and fuck those people. The best thing you could ever do to get back at those privileged dbags is to live a happy and successful life. Because in 20 years when their own lives are utter shit, you can laugh all you want. I do :metal:
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  4. Fully agreed with ajroxit I could not have said it better myself.
  5. This was great!
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  6. It's good to appreciate what you have and it can be frustrating to see others who are more privelaged than you seemingly not appreciate theirs. But it is important to be able to be gain the perspective to see your own privelage and how you have advantages that others around don't. That will help you cultivate empathy and hopefully be a more wise person.
  7. Privilege isn't about what you have, its about what you do with what you have and for most privileged people, they lose it because they already have what they want so they don't do much.

    Parents setting their children up to fail, be glad you can earn it on your own.
  8. Worry about yourself.

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