Blades of GC, help me choose my costume!

Discussion in 'General' started by Stonedgobln420, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. The title says it all.

    I can either go as a hot cavewoman, or as a Naughty Sarah Palin.

    Its up to you.

  2. Naughty Sarah Palin.. both sound pretty cool though.. do you really think you can pass as Sarah Palin?
  3. cave woman.... i feel there will be alot of palins this year
  4. Hot Cavewoman, Most Def!

    Pics too? ;)

  5. Heck yea, I have the long brown hair, the glasses, the red jacket, the skirt, they are both doable.
  6. haha id love to see you pull off the "Thriller" jacket
  7. what about Sarah Cave-Palin? Or Neanderpalin? Or Sarah-Magnon woman? Or Sarah Palin: Prehistoric Hunter Woman?
  8. Cavewoman. Lot less clothing ;)
  9. cavewoman

    and i expect pics on my desk monday morning.

  10. Naughty Sarah Palin just because i hate that bitch. :hello:
  11. pics or it didnt happen
  12. QFT! :p

    I picked the caveman. Fuck sarah palin.
  13. my vote is with the cave woman
  14. I'd say dress up as the sexy Palin. It's the only year you're going to be able too really.

    and as waffles said, I need pics on my desk monday morning. =P
  15. Palin is overdone this year. Your party will probably have about 5 of them.
  16. Haven't heard from you in awhile gobln..... Shoot me an IM next time you're on.

    I vote Naughty VPILF
  17. hot cavewomen, i'd hate to think of you dressed as palin.

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