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  1. What blades are in college? what are you studying?

    im taking recording techonlogy. i start in the fall, took a year off after hs. but if any others are taking RT, whats it like? what to look for?
  2. I'm studying political science and love it. College is tons of fun and I'm sure you will enjoy going to school for recording.

    Where are you looking at?
  3. im going for a degree in botany

    it's cool aside from homework, midterms, and finals
  4. Political Science.

    Going to a four year next year back in the states.
  5. Im studying business management and advertising. This is my last semester but im working on grad school for the MBA
  6. I'm taking Philosophy of Nature and Man, English Composition II, Western Civilization II, Introduction to New Testament Scripture, and this other college learning class thing.

    I go to a small Catholic College. Nothing wrong with it. I just learn, I don't practice it or anything haha. This school is mad cheap and provides a great education.

    Anyone else got mid terms this week?
  7. i go to a state college in maryland and i'm studying Spanish
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    Going to Colorado State here, Majoring in Business Economics.

    And yea, I got mid-terms this week too.
  9. I've been in (and out) of college for the past six years for Computer Sciences. :/

    Don't fuck around with your scholarship, kids. At first you're getting trashed at house parties waking up with two scantily clad women in your bed thinking college is heaven, then you're getting thrown on your ass because you managed to miss pop quizzes every time you were too hungover to go to class.
  10. Hey bluntcheefa im in michigan too, where are you going next year. Right now im at Western (WMU) studying education.
  11. I'm at WCU (western carolina university) in my first year studying Accounting.
  12. im goin to schoolcraft in livonia.. but after that im going to cali to get a job at a studio hopefully.
  13. One of my old neighbors' used to be a cop in Livonia, lol.
  14. I just got my GED recently and I'm about to start culinary arts school soon, if you'd consider that college lol.
  15. Currently studying at Pikes Peak Community College for my Certification as an EMT-Basic, possibly moving on to Intermediate or Paramedic before heading off to a four year college.

    This profession is definitely an amazing experience, though. We signed for our Clinical Trials today and I'll be doing my ride along with the EMS Company around here on a Friday night from 7 PM to 7 AM. Should be tons of fun dealing with drunks, Traffic Accidents and Domestic Violence calls.


  16. what are you going into political science for?
  17. Pursuing a Bachelor's of Art in game design out of a small school in Tempe, AZ. I'm excited as hell to have a job outside of school for the first time this semester, but I'm realizing how expensive tuition is and I'm starting to worry about my grades. Time to stop slacking off.
  18. Once you manage to pull yourself together and actually pull your grades up, the feeling alone of seeing an exam that you absolutely aced will keep your from slacking for the rest of college.

    This is coming from the biggest procrastinator you will ever meet in your life, so I'm basing this all on personal experience.

  19. Goin to school for my B.S. in Physics.

    A lot of math.. and blood, lots of blood.
  20. engineering down south, im transfering back home to denver next year though.
    I'm gonna design septic tanks for playgrounds so lttle kids can take shits!

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