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BLADES! I need your help real quick!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by adamti91, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. So i haven't been on the forums in awhile, how you all doing?

    I'm currently dry but my friend (actually his mom) made some "treats" the other day, got my hand on a rice krispy covered in fruit roll up, i guess she used a good half ounce on the batch and everyone who's had them said they were real strong.

    i played basketball at the Y today for the first time in like months, and i'm just straight up exhausted.. but bored, i'm on break and i've been drunk every day since new years and i just want to take the next day off and cheeeel. so should i eat this delicious weed-treat tonight and stay up and be awesomely baked or take it tomorrow and be baked and then burned out all day?

    oh decisions decisions


    (btw who's watching texas/ohio state, this game is boring as all hell)
  2. Eat that shit right now!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. my opinion would be to eat it in the morning because if you eat it now and stay up all night then you will be burntout tomorrow AND you will be tired from not sleeping much tonight
  4. hmm... maybe cut it in half? two doses? you could eat half and see how you feel. if it doesn't get you high you could eat the other one. if it does. then you have something to look forward to tomorrow. ;)
  5. eat it! eat it! eat it!
  6. the deed is done


  7. Good boy :D how did it taste?
  8. yum is good...colt mccoy messed up with that pick..
  9. you fool. look what you have done..... nah. just kidding man. enjoy that shit! haha
  10. lol nice man,Im gonna keep smokin my bong untill I cant get any higher,Id make a treat but Ive got nothing,not even crackers for firecrackers.
  11. haha i figure i can sleep in and get rid of that burn out tomorrow anyway.. then get up play beer pong (ive been on fire over this break woooo!), tasted excellent, like the keebler elves and the pillsbury dough boy did the deed (no homo), had a delicious kid.. haha

    my boys mom used some of the blueberry diesel they had for these things so haha i'll see yall later
  12. what kind of herb did she use,some dank or mids?

  13. see post above... some blueberry diesel, that whole family is on their shiiit when it comes to quality trees.
  14. I think I was typing that when you posted that.Damn Im stoned

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