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  1. Apologies in advance for what is sure to be a long post.

    May as well start at the beginning, I met this girl 4 years ago as I was turning 19. We had a pretty good relationship until around 4 months ago when I decided I wanted space (as I had been with her pretty intensely for the last 2 years we had been together)

    We broke up and she went on a 2 month madness spree, drinking loads, doing stuff with random boys etc. Whilst I lay low, spent some time with my mates and chatting to a few select girls.

    Recently she has worked her way back into my group of friends and we all went for a weekend away and I ended up sleeping with her again.

    Now I'm not so sure I made the right decision. I've fooled around with other girls since we broke up but she slept with a boy I know and did god knows what else with those I don't.

    In the time apart she has grown up and matured alot (main reason for break up was her lack of independence and partly unwillingness to go and have 'fun' out with mates)

    She is also up for smoking and *unmentionables* which was always a taboo subject before. She tolerated blazing but nothing else.

    She wants to get back with me but I don't know if I can, after how she acted in the 2 months after the break up. Or if it is the right decision. If I don't see her everything is fine and I begin to sort my life out and chat to girls etc. But once I see her and we chat it throws me off for a week or two.

    Help. What should I do?
  2. You were broken up, she was able to do whatever she wanted to do, as I'm sure you did. If my wife and I were to divorce I would assume she would be banging any guy she could, because I would be banging any girl I could.

    If you want to pick things back up you're going to have to start fresh and forget about what she did when you were not together. If you can't do that then forget getting back together.
  3. Life is to short to have sorrow. You may be here today, and gone tomorrow.

    Seriously, You only live once, make the best of it. Forget about the past...

    ...Unless she's an absolute bitch.
  4. It's not she is a bitch. I just feel like I'm being played by her now, working her way into my friends.. Always being around me.

    It's tough, I haven't found any girl who I think is worth my trouble but I feel like I would be seen as a mug to get back with her now.

    It's a fucked situation that I haven't made any better through my own actions. I also sometimes feel she is only after me for sex and money (things I am pretty good at).

    A part of me is saying leave it and move on.. But another is saying you don't know what you've got till it's gone. I'm at a crossroads with this girl. As a side note the first time I met her (I was 14) I had planned to drop acid but went to see her instead... Now I feel like my life is at the same crossroads. Shack up and be stable, don't and go wild. The 7am-5pm high pressure job isn't lending itself to the latter... As much as I love it.
  5. What's the worst thing that can happen if you hook back up with her for a spell? If you can deal with that, then go for it balls out.

  6. That's a very tough situation my man. Just sleep over it and think about what YOU truly want. You can't pick both, so you must pick one. It's a tough decision but life is full of risks and sacrifices. There will always be consequences, good AND bad.
  7. I know. It's why I ask my fellow blades.

    I may sleep on it, ask my mum for advice (she's pretty good with this) and then maybe take her to dinner for a proper discussion.. Clear the air and see where we both stand.
  8. Sounds like a plan. I hope everything works out nicely. Crossroads are the worst.

  9. yeah sounds like you need to sort your own life out without the responsibility of a committed relationship. Maybe just be upfront with her that you are feeling things out and slow it down. Or just hang out with her but don't get so emotionally shitty as that sounds, but if ur honest with her, she can decide if she still wants to hang around. Do you, basically.
  10. Yeah I'd have to say more than likely if me and my boyfriend broke up, I'd probably be able to be classified as a slut. Not that I ever have been but I have a feeling after begin together that long I'd be so upset that i'd HAVE to go on a fucking/drinking spree.
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    Not so much the drinking/fucking spree I would care about... It's doing it with people I know, old friends etc.

    How much of a mug do I look to get back with her after she's been fooling around with people I used to class as my friends, people who before gave me shit for being with her!

    Ah fuck it, fuck her, fuck them. GC, the only confidant I need.
  12. If you two break up then I have a plane ticket for you!
  13. Yeah that sucks man, she is just doing that to be a bitch.

    LOL! :)

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