blade scales

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  1. are they any good? i'm looking to get a new scale, and a local headshop sells them for $20 each. would this be a good investment?
  2. Sure. Most scales all do the same thing. IMO.
    I jsut got mine from a hardware store for like 15$. It kicks ass too.
  3. I own a blade, had it for two years and hasn't let me down. Good buy I got mine for $20 as well
  4. .1 gram accuracy isn't that hard measure. They are almost all accurate enough for what you need it for.

    I got some no name brand off amazon for 6 bucks. Works great.
  5. I bought one recently. I don't like it one bit. It can never make up it's mind. It's 3.7... no 3.8... no 3.9... no 3.7... no... wait... yeah it is 3.7.

    In a room with no breeze it can't handle settling on an accurate weight to save it's own battery life. Definitely the shittiest scale I've owned of 4.

    Get yourself a .01 scale and stop the secondguessing and worrying.
  6. yap definitly a good investment
    because they are alike alonge with few difference but thats nominal
    go for it
  7. Same here, had mine for a couple of years and apart from new batteries is working perfectly fine. Good price as well
  8. Realized later... more than one company makes the blade style scale. Mine is cheap and was purchased out of necessity from a company that appears to be called "C.I".

    American Weigh makes blade scales too. They make the best scale on the market for what stoners want to spend. I would trust an American Weigh blade for sure.

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