blackstrap molasses question.

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  1. my plants are 3 weeks in and i was wondering how much i should add, and how do i even add it, do i mix it with the water? or what?
  2. I love Moles asses.

    I add it to some hot water to dilute or thin it a bit first, then I add it to my water jug. I use about 1 to 2 tablespoons per 20 litre jug. They love it, and I like licking my fingers.

  3. how much would you add to a 1 1/2 cup spray bottle?
  4. i just take a knife, stick it in so the whole 3 in blade is covered, i then hold it over my watering jug till it drips no more. i shake the hell out of the water bottle & immediately give to plant. just make sure you use purified, distilled, etc water. i use tap water, leave it out for 2 days, then use it. pH is around 6.1-3 in my tap water.

  5. if i heat it and dilute it with water then add to my bottle with more water will it still be good the next day when it cools off?
  6. does it change you ph, i use tap water which was 6.4ish on ph, with a teaspoon and the ph drops to 5ish... need to get a ph meter before i start using again..
  7. On my last (and first ever) grow I started out by adding 1 tbsp molasses / gallon of water at the beginning of flowering. Towards the end of flowering, I was adding 2 tbsp's (sometimes more) / gallon.

    But I would only add the molasses every 2nd or 3rd watering. It was interesting to see how my buds would just explode in size after a good watering with that stuff.

    I just harvested a week or two ago, and for a 3 month grow, using T5 fluoro's, ended up with 2 oz's per plant (3 plants). Hoping to get that up to 3 or 4 oz's per plant on my next grow...and the molasses helped.

    Good luck. :)

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