Blackstrap molasses in coco?

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  1. Hello everyone.

    Just wondering if anyone has utilised blackstrap in conjunction with their nutes? If so, how did you go about it mixing it with your nutes? I'm using a 2 part nute schedule (still in veg).

    I've considered using it as a foliar spray but everything I've read says that using it as a foliar spray is more targeted towards fixing potash deficiencies. Any input would be muchly appreciated.

    *passes the dutchie to the left*

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  2. Hey did you ever get an answer to this. Im a noob trying to learn
  3. I have very little experience but I will go on a limb here. Coco is a soilless medium, molasses only feeds the soi(or microbes) Based on that fact, I don't think it will help in Coco bc the nutrients given the plant are already immediately available, negating the need for the breakdown of organic "stuff". I could be wrong though.
  4. I figured the same but I've heard that it improves flavour. More interested in that than the nute uptake aspect. Guys running dwc have issues with it blocking up their pipes but in coco with a hand fed system it should be viable if it'll actually have any impact on the taste.

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  5. The plant gets no direct benefit from molasses.
    Molasses feeds bacteria or at least that's the idea. (I've read once that the molasses is a "heavy" sugar and can bog down your micro life if used to heavily)
    No with that being said if you have added a bacteria to your regiment, then you might see some improvement from molasses.
    I would start with a compost tea. It's the same concept but a little more controlled. I've run compost teas through RDWC and coco systems for a day before changing the Rez and had great results.

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  6. Thanks for that

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  7. It improves flavor no more than bat shit and rotting kelp
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  8. Lol..thanks dude

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  9. Any benefits at all with using products like bud candy or sugaree during flower? Anyone have any feedback?
  10. Those are sugars they will act similar. I like honey comb by emerald harvest because it has 3 very easily digestible sugars.

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    I grow in a coco mix. Coco coir and added perlite and microbes. I use molasses and different sugars to feed the microbes that clean the roots and facilitate food absorption. Got some mainline kids goin on right now. Fukin botany! Science! DSCN6303.JPG DSCN0116.JPG DSCN0117.JPG
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  12. Make sure to get unsuphlated is what ive read, garden stores can have it, theres also Real Growers Recharge which contains a mix of beneficial including molasses which seems to be recommended by many, I havent tried either
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  13. The sulphured (natural) kind is fine too. Get it at the grocery store. Plants need a little sulphur and the regular molasses won't hurt them if used in small amounts. I use 1tbsp. per gal. starting mid flower. Either kind.
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  14. I used to add a teaspoon of black treacle to a cup of hot water and dissolve it,I would then add it to a 2ltr bottle I mixed feed in,I done this from 1week of veg till harvest and found that it increased crystal production and made the smoke slightly sweeter.
    The first harvest I done this with my friend asked if I had dipped the buds in caster sugar as they were so frosty looking,so I kept doing it.
    Try it out with 1 plant and you will notice the difference!
    I was growing in coco btw.
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  15. You can buy unsulphered blackstrap molasses at just about every grocery store. I use it but it does nothing for flavor.
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  16. They're both "natural". The only difference is sulphured molasses comes from a young plant. Unsulphered come from a plant that was allowed to mature fully before harvest.
    What Is the Difference Between Blackstrap Molasses & Unsulphured Molasses?
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  17. I saw no real change in flavor or production adding molasses or flavor/sweeteners to my Flora nova grown crops - (like stated above) I was taught molasses/sweeteners are only used in soil grows
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  18. I believe your correct. The reason is the plants don't use the sugar in that form, the microbials have to break down first. Regardless I'm trying it. I have about 40% coco with perlite and earthworm manure mix in about equal portions. I'm not to sure though...they do have sweeteners for hydroponics. Are they broken down already? And wouldn't this mean most organic ferts wouldn't work as well? Most organics work over time and need microbes to feed the plant. I'm not using anything fancy but I'm sure my plants are feeding on chicken manure and earthworm castings. I'm also using a liquid organic fertilizer. Idk but it's working. And it's against what I've heard. I'm treating my coco grow like it's almost hydro. Giving 5.7-6.2 pH. Coco so far has been forgiving

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    Starting in mid flower, give one plant some molasses twice a week for 3-4 weeks and see if you get more frost on that 1 than the others. You might be surprised.
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