Blacks Target Whites At State Fair

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  1. Dozens Of Black Youths Attack Whites At Wisconsin State Fair

    Cell phone video taken of the event...
    State Rep. Pasch & State Sen. Darling spend last day of campaign with voters -- WITI

    Now this is some bullshit - from a racial point of view and an ethical point of view and a political point of view. Attacking someone because of the color of their skin is bullshit, ruining a festival to attack a race of people is bullshit; and the fact that this isn't being covered more is great - because why focus on this when all it will bring is more race wars; but we all know, if this was the other way around it would be covered like flies on shit by the media...unbelievable.
  2. The fact that we still divide crimes along racial lines speaks volumes of our social ignorance. Wake up, stop labeling crimes on a "which race hurt the other race" basis instead of judging them as a detriment and a setback to the social progress of all Americans alike.
  3. Typical savage behavior.

  4. i think most people would agree that violent crime is a detriment to humanity but when it's obvious that a group of a particular color has attacked another group composed entirely of another color i think it's reasonable to acknowledge race being a motive.
  5. That's fact, I think that's wonderful - to think about at least. If only both colors of pigmentation could agree upon such a mindstate; but here, a congregation of african american people, targeted caucasian; and yes, it has been done by the whites and that's very disgusting as well; but I mean, this act has everything to do with race, I'd even call it a "hate crime". I also question, by your aggressive attitude, if you even read my initial post. Cheers.

  6. Racism is a big part of human culture, not just culture in the united states.

    Its not just racism, its collectivism as a whole.


    They are all based on groups of people feeling like they are different/better then outsiders.

    Its off topic, but since you are a advocate of socialism, i'd like to point out socialism encourages collectivism as being more important than individual freedom. Something to think about along side your regular ideals driven philosophy.
  7. Anti racist is code for anti white.
  8. When will jesse jackson and al sharpton make this a white problem?
  9. i dont know why we are talking about race, we should be discussing why people do shit like that and how we can prevent things like this in the future
  10. Socialism is inherently against racism, sexism and nationalism.

    Usually things like this get blown out of proportion by the news, every time its black vs white even if it has nothing to do with race they call it a hate crime.
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    I'm trying to look at this from both sides of the coin. I think the issue isn't truly a race problem. The same sort of news stories can be found across our country. For instance the "white" flash mob in chicago around the Memorial day. These sort of stories make me question if it really is a race problem, or simply a problem of neglectful economic policy. Both "white" and "black" youths have been involved in flash mob behavior in the last few months... Maybe it's because the youth (regardless of color) are broke, jobless, and rapidly being forced to cope with the dismal outlook of their prospective futures. Maybe these tough economic times are only going to lead to more flash mob violence, but I dont know. I just have a hunch that the "race" element will be exploited, and used as a scapegoat- despite evidence that both "white" and "black" youth has flash mobbed.
  12. thats disgusting but one thing that bothers me more is even stood by. people shoulda jumped out of there cars and started beating them down
  13. Sounds more like a culture problem, than a race problem.

    We need to find a way to make these retarded teenagers less bored.

  14. let's keep them in school! hmmm
  15. That was not smart...Wisconsin is predominately caucasion.

  16. This is a good idea in theory, but in practice, in the chaos of a fair and without any prior organization it would be very hard to mobilize a force against the perpetrators.

    I mean if you see a group of 20 pissed off looking black dudes, your not gonna charge them hoping people are gonna back you up, and therefore it makes this very difficult.

    Hell, pulling off anything like this requires prior organization. I guarantee you this attack was planned by a few ringleaders at the very least, if not even more widespread organization.

    I also think it's silly not to recognize the racial element in this, but calling it a race war seems a little sensational. The part about the 15 year old white boy getting the shit beat out of him by a gang of black teens/young adults pisses me the fuck off though. Seriously what kind of fucking cowards does it take to gang beat a little kid, throw a construction sign on him kick him in the face and dump his ass in the bushes, all because he had the audacity to be at the fair with white skin.:mad:

    That kid's probably gonna hate black people for a long ass time because of this incident, and that's really sad because it's perpetuating the cycle of hate/violence.
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    The scary thing about this is that its not isolated to one city, this shits been popping up all over the country.

    I saw one news coverage of it that made the people who conceal carry guns to be the bad guys as if they shouldn't protect themselves because "Think of dah children".

    "O dem bois wuz jus mixed up in da rong crowd"

    Imagine if it was white flash mobs jumping black people. There would be riots over that.


    Found the link hah of course its Fox.
  18. I'm black and this is just embarassing. I'm embarassed.

  19. I'm embarrassed simply being the same species as them, but then again, this is only the beginning in the states. The first people to riot are the ones with nothing to lose.

    "When you have nothing to lose, you lose it."
    -Gerald Celente

    The media isn't covering this because they don't want to wade into how deep into the shitter America truly is

    Doesn't adversity breed innovation?

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