Blackouts and Memory loss

Discussion in 'General' started by splat1234, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Ok, so Thursday night I was hanging out with some friends. I had a good amount of vodka prior to smoking (6 or 7 shots?). I then proceeded to smoke. I don't remember how much I smoked, but it was a good bit. I didn't mean to get that "fucked up."

    Anyway...I only remember certain "blurs" of the night. The problem I am having is a friend gave me some money for smoking them up and I remember taking out my wallet, but now I have no fucking clue what I did with it. I have been looking for it for two days now. I don't understand how I managed to lose a wallet in my basement. I hope that a "friend" would not try and take advantage of me and steal it. I mean there was only $15 cash in it anyways...

    Does anyone else ever have memory problems like these?
  2. Only when I am drunk. ;)
  3. I'm with Redheadedchicki on this, more or less this only happens when I'm reeeeeaaaaly drunk. Same can be said for most people.

    Welcome to the City, BTW:wave:
  4. The 6-7 shots of vodka is what made you blackout...
  5. Yeah, but 6 or 7 shots of vodka doesn't normally make me blackout. So maybe mixing the two did the job? And any suggestions on what I should do about my wallet?
  6. Ask around, look around. That's all you really can do, unfortunately.
  7. The alcohol didn't hit you until you smoked most likely.

    This causes a tri-fecta of cluster fuck.

    Cross faded is fun, especially when it hits you like a train.

    My advice: Smoke then drink.

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