Blackout & Terrorism

Discussion in 'General' started by BeRzErKaS, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. Disclaimer: No facts here. Just speculation and food for thought.

    This whole ordeal seems like a bad movie. Things like this aren't suppose to happen. Blackouts like this used to happen back in the 70's and back then we put in a bunch of safeguards to ensure that it wouldn't happen again. Could something much more sinister be at work here?

    You ever see those movies where a big unexplainable event occurs and then the government swoops in with it's feeble attempts at spin control? Ya know, like where they make up all kinds of ridiculous excuses and try to dismiss the issue as quick as possible? Like in the Men in Black Movies, or more realistically: that crash out in Roswell, New Mexico.

    Could this have been a terrorist act and the governement is tryin keep it under wraps? Imagine the reprecussions of allowing another terrorist attack on American soil. It would be huge. Anyone with half a brain knows that "covert" operations take place all the time, all over the world. You think the U.S. and it's Navy Seals are the only group slick enough to pull off such missions? Ya right. We could have just been hit by one of the many countries or terrorist groups that hate us. But Bush would NEVER admit such a thing of course!

    Two governments and hundreds of engineers can't even figure out how....or even WHERE this problem began??? Oh, c'mon... I'll tell ya what happend, I bet somone set off one of those huge Electromagnetic Pulse bombs (like they were planning to do in Oceans Eleven) right near one of our powerstations. The lack of the powerstation to even communicate the anomilie to the other stations is what caused the domino effect. Then while the power was out, they did all kinds of crazy shit that we haven't even found out about yet!

    Don't get me wrong, I certainly hope this WASN'T the case but the whole situation smells fishy to me. Agree? Disagree? Alternative Perspective? Am I just being paranoid? Do I watch too much T.V.?

    Or have you just been brainwashed?! :eek:
  2. LoL and one more thing:

    The latest explanation is that the power loop that flows around the great lakes flipped and began flowing backwards!

    ...what the fuck?? *coughs* bullshit *coughs
  3. im not really sure, but the whole situation seems pretty suspect...

    i definately hope there wasnt any terrorist action... but im sure if there was, they would have tried to give us a terrorist warning or something, and just tried to keep the two seperate...
  4. Something that popped into my mind was that a lot of these power plants are owned by competing companies. What if one of them fucked up and then made sure the rest did to so they wouldn't be the only ones losing money? That could explain why the safeguards didn't do squat.

  5. It always is when America is involved.
  6. America don't need terrorists, we're incompetent enough to take out 1/4 of our country's electrical grid on our own!

    Was the computer control for the affected grids running windows perchance?


  7. i thought ighting hit a turbine in niagra...sending a chain effect of loos of power because all the other stations couldn't keep up with the over bearing out put on the hottest day of the year...... i don't know... i practically live behind a power plant and i can sure as hell tell you that there was no electromagnetic pulse's here....mang...

  8. bastard....

  9. yah, "god" ...or an alien super weapon! *raises eyebrow*

    heh, I better stop speculatin before a convoy of black sedans rolls up in front of my house... I've said too much already!
  10. the u.s government cover up, aaaw ;)

    now there trying to blame it on the buckeye state, after the first 3 excues were proved wrong.

    i think its a mighty "coincidence", about microsoft an all.
  11. hey this blackout really shows how americans can come together and really work together, there hasnt been much looting or crime all together. I think all those New Yorkers are awsome people and I feel that hearing stories about people wanting one once a year cause it got people outside and talking with eachother. I personally think this thread is kind of immature and I dont think it was terrorism or anything like that. Those power grids are 20 to 40 years old. It's just a SIMPLE historic blackout. Getting people outside and talking and meeting others while having a better family dinner since there's no TV or computers on. I think this blackout seems like a success story to me.

  12. except there was no lights wich really sucks.... funny how electronically depenedent the wold can be now a dyas....
  13. how can the thread be immiture, when all BeRzErKaS said was what if....
    it probably was due to our "third world power grids"...but far as i know area 51 doesnt exist either.

    once a year?, well maybe nextime it could be planned when there is not 90+degree heat an maybe some notice for a few so they can have water. and i certanly wouldnt have been one of those stuck on the subway in the dark not knowing wtf happend.
    reguardless there is no excuse for what happened, an im glad its a little cooler today for those who still have no electricity......

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