blackout 2

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  1. download redman and methodmans blackout 2. so good.:smoke:

    heres A-YO...

    [ame=]YouTube - METHOD MAN & REDMAN - Ayo[/ame]
  2. i thought all you gc homies were all wu tang. no one likes meth?bumo:bongin:
  3. Fuckin' sick, saw these guys in october, whole arena was hotboxed
  4. Fucking great album. Been bumping it for the last couple days now, nothin' else.
  5. i bought the cd last week and have been listenin to nothing but this and relapse
  6. This is for all my smokerz
  7. I agree that this is a great album, but when I heard that autotune shit on a couple lines I cringed.
  8. wen redman n meth used it on city lights they use it only for like one word, but still the fact that meth n red are using it is a lil disturbing.

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