blackmarket will die

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  1. It will slowly die in legal adult-use states. Black market will be cheaper is a selling point, but legal sellers will lower price too and still make a good profit (it's a very profitable plant, doesn't take very much resources to grow, it practically has a going rate of pure gold per gram, not exactly, but you know what I'm saying.

    Then you have the trust and satisfaction factor of a legal dispensary which you can choose any strain you want, know exactly what ratio of CBD, sativa, indica it has, know exactly how it was grown (what chemical fertilizers were used vs organic, hopefully veganic eventually), know pesticide/fungicide rates will be low or zero, know it was handled with gloves and not some dirty persons hands, know it wasn't messed with like I can actually imagine a dealer lacing theirs with K2 synthetic marijuana to try and out-do dispensary grade weed and then you can die from smoking that K2 shit like has been happening recently (why K2 is legal I have no clue, same for bath salts if they still are).

    Plus most people just aren't going to buy from a drug dealer. It's like a liquor store. Some guy outside a liquor store 'hey man I got some blackmarket gin %50 cheaper than store" , who's going to buy that? Yea some people will still buy blackmarket because they know (or think they know) the exact story of what and where their weed is from but in general it will shift towards mostly legal sales. Then there's the risk, all they have to do is seriously harden laws on dealing and the risk reward factor will negate people trying to sell blackmarket.

    off topic but whatever... I think edibles should be medical-only. Way too easy for kids and pets to eat them by accident. Many incidences. Many stupid adults leaving the stuff out like that.
    Also should be illegal to smoke in same room as babies, kids, pets - maybe it already is illegal but there should be more public info about this. And more public info about smoking and driving (I think most people probably drive better and more careful high but in combo with prescribed pills or over-tired or something would be bad).
    Should be info on the fact that most newbies will be good with only 1 or 2 puffs of good shit they grow now, no need to smoke a whole joint or blunt solo news clips often show people smoking a solo joint or blunt or hitting a pipe wildly, but their tolerance is higher and this isn't the shitty weed from the 60s, or eat way too much edibles that kick in later when it's too late, or take wax oil rig dabs and have too much at once and be like wtf? I imagine a dispensary would tell you all this but only if you asked, other than that they'll be pitching to sell you as much as possible.
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  2. I think there will always be a "black market". There's some shit you can get down the street that they don't have at the club. Growers don't seem to be going anywhere;)
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  3. My state is legal, and has been medical for a very, very long time. It has not done much to the "Black Market".
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  4. true but I think the legal market will do just fine. And if they really wanted to they can severely increase penalty for dealing and hurt the blackmarket. I mean a liquor license is like a million dollar in some towns (it keeps it's value or something though and gets resold)

    but yea in places where growing is legal not much to worry about if you know your neighbor is trustworthy, it's basically like them giving you tomatoes from their garden.
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  5. I think while new users of cannabis will not go to the black market since they haven't in the past, the people who have been for years will continue to do so if they have a solid connect with good prices and good quality. Currently, the medical cannabis in my state is roughly $400 an ounce, nearly double street price. And talking about guys lacing their shit with K2? That isn't happening, especially if you are going to the same people you have gone to for years, which is the case of many cannabis users. If dispensaries can up their quality and lower their prices to match or beat the black market, that will be the only time the black market starts taking a big hit.

    As far as edibles go, I think that is silly as well. Kids can easily get their hands on a bottle of draino or other horrible shit every day if it is left in an irresponsible spot. If you are an adult cannabis user who eats edibles, keep that shit like a gun and lock it up so your kids can't get to it. That is just being a responsible adult, and if adults wants to enjoy their cannabis in an edible form rather than smoking or vaporizing, they should be more than welcome to. No reason to take away edibles from responsible adults from a few who can't keep their shit away from their kids and dogs.

    I agree not smoking around kids, but I'm not kicking my dog out of my room every time I smoke a bong pack, that seems way overkill to me.

    The smoking and driving thing is being beaten to death already, it is the number one argument used by anti-legalization groups to not allow legal cannabis, that there is no reliable test to tell if someone is impaired on cannabis. But I'll take a stoned driver over a driver texting any day of the week
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  6. If you think legal marijuana will kill the black market, you either haven’t been paying attention, or you’re nuts.

    The only way that happens is full legalization with no restraints or taxes.

    In order to be legal, there is so much red tape and fees to follow, the price is set accordingly. Black market growers can charge half what legal growers do because there is no bureaucracy.

    It’s like cash contractors with no insurance or advertising charging thousands less than legit insured and licensed contractors. Overhead directly affects pricing, and legal commercial grows aren’t putting out any better quality than some of the more experienced black market guys.
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    God damn Billy do you not read the rules before you join sites?? You've posted a video of people over dosing & you're talking about other drugs...

    I've reported yo ass.

    This thread is stupid they'll always be a black market for drugs.
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  8. Doesn't matter what fines they give you people are always gonna deal lol, it's easy money at the end of the day isn't it..
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  9. There are more people growing now than ever, people that aren't selling you dispensaries. I'm sure some growers keep everything they grow or possibly either hook up their friends and family or give it to them. Everyone else is probably selling it in some form in the end. I don't think black market weed is going anywhere. As things becoming legal in more states, that's just more people gonna grow. I'd certainly try to grow my own if it were legal here. And then I'd probably sell some of it.
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  10. There's little incentive to home-grow, when super-dank inexpensive bud is available with a 10-minute stop at a dispensary. It's a simple risk-reward equation - same with black market. Every individual makes their choice based on a personal risk-reward evaluation. Of course there will people doing it as a hobby and to be in complete control of their medication. But they are the exception - not the rule.

    The key word in black market is "market." Illegal can never compete with legal, regardless of taxes or anything else. The risk-reward factor is not there unless prices remain artificially high. Prices go down in a free market - simple economics.
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  11. In states where home grow is legal I think there is plenty of incentive, grow the exact strains you want, trade genetics with other growers, and enjoying the process of growing your own cannabis and improving on techniques. If it was legal to grow in my state I would be getting started day 1. My states dispensary bud is also not super top quality and about $100 per quarter oz. No home grow in NJ right now but I hope that changes in the future. And with the taxes on legal cannabis in many states, it could be very affordable to just grow your own after you get a few harvests under your belt.
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  12. Legal weed is for the middle class and up. It's heavily taxed everywhere it's been made legal. If the Fed ever decides to end prohibition, it will be done only to get their piece of the action too. All the taxes and regulations on business will keep legal prices relatively high in comparison to black market, making it legal for those that can afford it, illegal for the poor who go to the cheaper black market.

    The only way the black market truly shrinks is allowing anyone who wants to grow, grow. Set a personal like and let them sell the rest to dispensaries... But that will never happen at a national level.

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    ok i gotta admit I was basically BS'ing from the start. I guess trying to make legal weed look good for newbies looking in. Hyping up the benefits of a dispensary as I noted which you have to agree is nice to know for certain everything about the weed yer getting.

    Yes many people have a connect direct grow or mutual friend or one person down the chain and the info is very trustworthy, but once it changes hands so many times you don't really know what you got.

    I've gotten brick back in the day soaked in diesel oil. It was sealed then enclosed in oil so dogs couldn't smell it. It must have leaked. We smoked it though.
    A 'cool kid' from manhattan back in the 90s when we were teens he'd come to his aunts in jersey and hang out, told me piss in dimes I had makes it lemmony and sells better. Then those were all we had left and my friends knew but smoked it anyway lol.
    One friend mixed in ajax with it and said it had you know what, in order to sell for double. The kids who smoked it found out.
    Probably %99.5 of street weed is un-F'd with like that but still there's a chance. or if yer a germaphobe know that at least dispensary herb is handled with gloves...

    A main thing I don't like about blackmarket is sometimes it's supporting criminals. Of course there are plenty of awesome heady, peaceful growers in cali and colorado etc who mail it or whatever, but there's definitely a lot that goes through gangs. Somewhat easy money untraceable = crime and murders etc. I don't F with that. It can ruin a high if I have a choice to get from legit business or possibly through some gang banger.
    Or even just non violent dealers sometimes it'll be like some moron I knew has it, and I didn't even want to put money in their pockets, or sometimes that profit went towards their hard drugs I don't F with either.

    as for edibles yea I agree responsible adults should be allowed but like someone mentioned as example, drinking drano a kid or pet pretty much knows not once they taste a sip, but eating a half bag (like 10 doses) of gummy bear edibles without knowing it is a problem. It's often sold in kid-enticing forms that maybe they should make it different somehow. I dunno.

    I guess I also am just grateful they are legalizing it. I mean yea what else are they gonna do though? It costs each state astronomical $ to arrest and jail weed offenders and colorado, cali and alaska stepped up and said F it let it be legal and we don't loose money for arresting, we actually make money. Now every other states is copying that.

    If they let the new legal states grow, I dunno, it's kinda like too good to be true because states get nothing out of it, and you can only have like 6 plants at a time. 6 plants per person is a TON of weed lol there will surely be some of that weed gifted. It's not easy to grow top quality weed but it will become easier and most people would probably just grow it. Or get from someone they know and trust who has too much.

    anway HAVE FUN!
  14. You and your friends sound like real pieces of shit. I have also never come anywhere near a gang member to get cannabis.
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  15. Same.
  16. Nope the dispensaries will die.
    We love our Black Market heroes too much.
    Those hedge fund managers and anti-PotHeads don't deserve a penny.

    Our town will be a sanctuary city for pot.. If Doug wins
  17. yea nah but just to clarify, the diesel oil weed = I had nothing to do with. Someone I knew's brother's friend got it from IDK where, and I mighta got an eight or something out of it, or not, was in the mid 90's forgot, but pretty sure we rolled a philly right then.

    The pee in the weed, to be honest I don't think I sold it to anyone except the 1 time we had nothing else to smoke and it was amongst friends and we just brushed it off as a joke.

    the ajax is bad yea,. I had nothing to do with it, didn't hear about it until after the fact.
  18. That's how industry/gov/economics works - everybody gets their piece of the pie. My favorite CBD strain has been going for $20/oz, here in Colorado. The only thing keeping prices artificially high is prohibition. Home growing will be right alongside home brewing soon. But guess where 99% of all the beer drank comes from?
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  19. My thoughts about the Canuck legacy of LPs, in graphic animation:

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  20. I for one will never buy pot from any LP or gov't outlet. I've bought a bit from dispensaries when I was out in BC visiting but just to see what they had to offer. Have spent a total of around $200.

    I've been growing pot longer than a lot of members here have been alive but never tried to profit from it. Just a hobby that keeps me in a good supply of nearly free pot.

    From the couple of times I've had a toke of friend's black market crap I'm glad I grow my own. Tastes toxic but knocks you on your ass and that's what the sheeple seem to like. I need a better class of friends. :D
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