Blacklights and human Urine

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Big Poppa Puff, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. After all the discussion over the years that you can't use blacklights and human urine, I decided a few months ago to find a legitmate source of why you can't use them. guess what I found?? NOTHING. No where ever have a I found any type of study that says you can't use blacklights and human urine in a grow condition. No results no studies, no attempts, no publications. I did find plenty of rumors and word-of-mouth evidence that says you can't but no hard truth, scientific facts that you can't.

    So being the scientist that I am, I decided to do the research myself. I modified a bubbler system and attempted a grow. Utilizing Top 44 seeds from Gypsey, I germed a few seeds and put them in a bubbler. Instead of standard hydro nutes, I added human urine as the sole nutrient base to my grow. I dismantled an HPS light system and gerrymandered two 75 watt blacklight for the sole light source. Then I started the bubbler up and kept track of the grow.

    The grow ran slowly at first. Excess heat from the bulbs was vented away with adding a second extraction fan. Plants were vegged at 18/6 for approximately 5 weeks and then flowering was triggered when the seventh leaf node became fully established. The plants were not topped to produce extra colas.

    23 days into flowering, the plants were sexed and the males discarded. Plant height was approximately 48" at sexing and growing remarkable well.

    Crystal growth on bud and leaves was slower to develop and the sole female plant was allowed to grow out to 14 weeks into flowering to fully develop bud. The plant was harvested to normal procedures and allowed to cure via glass jar method.

    total yield on the one plant was approximately 5 to 7 ounces.
  2. Isn't anyone interested in the side effects?

    It tasted like piss and your lips glow in the dark :D

  3. i have no idea how just straight human pss could grow a plant... i know that black lights can make it grow, but not as good as cool or warm flouros... so noone uses them because they are wasting a light socket on something that puts out a fraction of the light... but the urine... i have no idea how you pulled that one off!!!:D

  4. i swear to ya i was going to say, it'd taste like piss :D
    lol.....hook lilne and sinker
  5. accually, the roots dont absorb flavors and such.... just nutrients... if you used a urine floliage spray, then it would be different...:)
  6. Urine provides the plant with nitrogen. However, if you want to be consequent with this type of organic growing, you have to shit on your plants during flowering also to provide the necessary Phosphor.
    Imagine how thát bud will taste!

    Stay high!
  7. i think that straight urine will just kill plants... i tried it on a test plant of mine, and it died the next day

  8. Absolutely! It has to be deluted; but how much? It isn't a very good idea anyway since urine also contains lots of salt your plant doesnt like. Just stick to the regular ferts!

    Stay High!

  9. I think I hooked another fishy with my joke. Even after this post.

    ATTENTION HIPPIE JOHN, it was a joke! didn't you read the side effects about your lips glowing in the dark? :D

    BTW, HJ you are starting to remind me of my cousin in Tampa whose name is John. You don't happen to live in FLA do you?
  10. Never heard of blacklights or human pisso, but I know that Chicken, pig, and cow shit mixed with soil makes for big plants that produce big buds!!!!
  11. i am having a bad mental image of BBP pissing str8 into his bubblers...lmfao.....spose, it beats carrying the water from my rainwater
  12. tH kUTe N kUddLY KOalA KIlla

    huh,what you wanna killa kute and kuddly koala for ????:D....rotflmao ,just feed him BPP,s special plants .
  13. Sorry guys I have done this experiment. The only upside to this is the smell from the diluted piss Hides the smell of your plants unless changed out twice a week. I have tried this experment many different times and have almost always had to do some heavy cleansing afterwards the urine does have high nitrogen unfortunatly thats all. In order to get all the nutr. the plants need you have to add it to some store bought nutr. It also has to be diluted quite a bit before you add the store bought nutr. to your solution. This trick will work but human urine should not be used unless you know what your doing with it. Or you just want to experiment. Or else your plants will suffor a horrible death.
  14. i think id rather smell nice hydro growin than my own piss, eeeeewwwwww....


    try explainin that smell to your visitors....

    PS. i hate koalas (apparently they smell like pee also)...

  15. oh, i see.....

    is being like your cousin a good or bad thing.... was that another joke... or... is your cousin a burned out ass?.... is that what ya mean.... my cousin cant computate 3 digit numbers in his head (drug addiction (as for the drug, i dont know (i think like sniffin paint or something(or maybe PCP)))).....

    <-----------------where i live-------

  16. yeah a burned out head :D
  17. lmfao.... like burned out? or like ozzy burned out? :p

  18. like burned out so bad he's on disability due to chemical sensitivity syndrome, but stays at the house all day long smoking up waiting for the disability check.
  19. yea sounds like me, except i dont get a check :p i got 3 more weeks... then its goodbye home, hello car:(
  20. HIGH All, so this thread just won't go away eh!! *LOL* BBP what have you done *LOL*.

    It's sure fun to read *LOL*.

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