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  1. Personally, I am obsessed with blacklight posters. I have 14 and I have one that should be in the mail tomorrow. One is in my closet that I did not take a pic of.

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  2. I have one also but I don't actually have a black light...:(

    Yours are cool though :)
  3. Woah man these are groovy, I never even thought of these things! I just don't like your 5th poster since it's waaay too much shaped like a Grey alien. But wow these are awesome!
  4. Nice collection. I've got some at my place too that I got from this local headshop-like place.
  5. I look on ebay at all the really old vintage black light posters. Some of them are really sick, and go for 100s of dollars. The first poster shown I have never ever seen on any website or ebay. I type in the poster title and the company and everything and nothing pops up for it. I feel cool for having it
  6. I had two awsome blacklight posters. One was this awsome alice in wonderland looking one and it had a smoking catapiller on it. The other was a Scarface one. It was of that scene where he's sitting in front of that big ass pile of coke. I had to get rid of them and my blacklight after I got pregnant though...

    Your posters are awsome man.
  7. nice posters dude. i made some blacklight paintings, its pretty fun just get a pack of neon paints and let the paint run down the painting and it swirls up and creates crazy patterns from gravity.
  8. Ive got a bigass bob marley one with a lion and him smokin a J and a black light tapestry that has mushrooms all over it :D I love black light posters.
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    Before I repainted my walls one of walls was covered entirely with black light paint drawings that my friends made. Most of the drawings were dicks. I had a wall with about 20 dicks on it for several years....
  10. I have 3 led zeppelin Jimi Hendrix and a cream in concert poster
  11. newest one i got today

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  12. are you the guy with that crazy black light room in that "post your room" thread?
  13. Yeah, they're cool and all...

    ...until you get jizz all over 'em.


  14. I really don't know. I don't think so.
  15. Posters too cliche. Make your own.

  16. I'm not artistic, nor creative. I could not make a poster as cool as any of these.

  17. yo man i remember that thread, or do I remember the "help me design me room thread"

    It fucking inspired me on how to decorate my room, now it looks fucking sick
  18. I like glow in the dark posters!
  19. I'm in love with anything blacklights <3

    Here's some pics from my room about 5-6 years ago:


  20. Damnnn those are sick! I want some posters like that!

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