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  1. this is a weird blackjack strategy i remember someone telling me once, and I was seeing what you guys thought about it.

    so the strategy goes like this. pick a starting amount to bet on each hand, lets say you bet X dollars on the first hand. if you lose, on the next hand bet 2X dollars. That way, if you win when betting 2X dollars, you will win enough money to cover the money lost from the first hand when betting X dollars. if you lose the 2X dollar bet, on the 3rd hand, bet 4X...and the 4X dollars will cover the money lost from the first two hands (X on the first hand and 2X on the second hand to total 3X)...As you can see this pattern will continue and as long as you keep doubling the bet from the previous hand if you lost it, and knowing that statistically you will eventually win a hand,this seems like a easy theoretical way to make money from blackjack.

    once you win a hand though, you HAVE to return to betting X dollars, and repeat the strategy again.

    why don't people bet like this? why doesn't this work?
  2. I'm probabally way fucking off, seeing as I've been drinking a bit tonight, but let's see here....

    Eventually you are going to run out of 2x, 4x, etc. amount of dollars to actually PAY!

    Unless you can pay when you finally get up and leave the table, but as far as I know at this moment that isn't plausible?

    If I bet 10, then 20, then 40, and only have 30... and can't pay 40, but I win 80, since I couldn't pay the 40 I don't see how I would be entitled to be awarded the 80.... yet if you can afford this stradegy you seem wealthy enough already to not waste your time gambling lol.

  3. oh i dont have enough money to do this I was just seeing if it would work. I guess if you start low enough--like 1 dollar--somebody could afford it. but if you had a high enough amount of money...say like enough for 20 bets... don't you think you would win at least 1 hand before reaching 20 bets? and then you would start back over at X dollars and do it again...
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    This guy pretty much has it right. This "strategy" is really more common sense than anything else to me. But like schizo said, you need a big enough bank account for it to work.

    The technique also isn't too efficient or reliable in general. Statistically, you are bound to win eventually, but there is a better chance you will run out of money sooner. Of course luck, or lack of it, comes into play as well.

    Been to any Casinos lately? There are no dollar blackjack tables. The lowest I've seen is five, and I believe 10 is more common than that. There are usually more higher tables (25, 50) than lower ones, but each table has a minimum bet...1 $ seems unheard of...

    I guess it could work if you were gambling illegally with blackjack, seeing as you and your buddies or whatever wouldn't need a minimum.
  5. didn't know there 5 is the minimum bet... but i just realized another thing--there might be a LIMIT on the table too, and if there was a limit on bets, the plan wouldn't work
  6. It wouldn't work. Idk about counting cards and all that bs but theres a reason why Vegas is open 24/7 and the people there leave broke by the hour. There's no strategy to beat Vegas..thats why its vegas..same thing with the sportsbook. I bet about 5% of the handicappers win, the lines are set to make you lose your money.

    ...and like someone said..theres gonna be a stretch where you lose 5 hands in a row, then what? You bet your life savings on the 6th thinking your going to win? You can just as easily lose
  7. I think this strategy is called "Martingale" -- and as you pointed out, betting limits prevent you from using it.
  8. in order for that system to work (i use it all the time with success). you need to bring enough cash to afford to lose 12 hands in a row. (so about $1100 if playing $25.00 minimum tables)

    also you need to run your bets as follows: 1x 4x 6x

    so if your betting $25.00 chips your progression would be 25/100/150

    also you really need to be disciplined when running that system.. you can't stray from it or you'll screw it all up.

    it works great when the table is running inconsistent, and not so great when you and the dealer have alternating long runs.

    also, this strategy isn't recommended for single deck games.. it works much better with 4+ deck shoes.
  9. it all depends on how the table is running.. sometimes you get long stretches where the dealer may win 6 or 8 in a row and then the player wins 6 or 8. Obviously betting system wont work if that's the case

    basically the whole idea is that your trying to cut your odds down to where you only need to win 33% of your hands to make money. Which in the long run can easily happen, but you really need to have a good bankroll to be able to catch a good run.
  10. I loves me some blackjack.
    I play on yahoo games a lot. I do ok.
    Generally I bet low hands until I win one, then I start betting higher.
    I have bad habits of ALWAYS doubling down on 11, and splitting everything I can, even kings depending on what the dealer shows.
    Anyone play on yahoo?
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    hey man.. try that system on Yahoo and see how it works.

    just keep to it though.. it's easy to stray if you think your gonna get a big run.

    if you win keep with the original bet otherwise bet 4x then 6x IF you lose. If you win the 4x or 6x bet then go right back to betting your standard 1x bet.

    btw if and when you lose 3 in a row your supposed to switch tables or go home and accept the loss.

    you should double down on 11 all the time (even against a dealer 10 or A IMO). In the long run you'll win more than you lose by doing that. Be thankful for the 20 that you were dealt lol.

    splitting KK, QQ, JJ or TT is a bad move and will cost you cash in the long haul. Be thankful for the 20 you were dealt
  12. ok so if you would like to know how to count cards like in the movie 21 just go to and you can learn for free. no download required. it does it all right on the site and you can play practice games and everything. im getting pretty good at it actually.

    good thing too cuz im about to go on a cruise where they have a casino inside. so im hoping to make my cash flow go up some in the next week.
  13. Word, will do, I thought about trying it out on yahoo since its free :)
  14. yeah that's a good place to try it out... there's simulation software out there too, but i don't have the link here on this comp.

    you definitely want to find something that simulates 6 or 8 decks, and has all the basic casino rules (split any pair, dealer stands on soft 17 etc)
  15. what happens when you lose the 12th hand in a row?

    Do you go back next week and start again or carry on with a $1100 bet

    also, every casino now has limits on the BJ tables to stop this kind of action
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    if you lose 12 in a row.. then take the loss and go home lol.. sometimes bad losses happen.

    when i hit the casino i bring 1200 and play 25 minimums.

    i buy in for 12 chips at a time (300.00) if i lose those 12 chips OR when i lose 3 in a row i leave the table and take a break and go try another one.
    also, i suggest watching the table for a bit before just jumping on. If the dealer is pulling 5 card 21's and 20's regularly then move on, or if the players are pushing on 19 and 20 consistantly. if the dealer is breaking a lot then have a seat.

    i hope i'm not coming off as some sort of blackjack pro lol.. i'm a casual player, but i have won quite a bit more than i've lost playing BJ at casinos.
  17. Counting cards is virtually pointless at Casinos. It's really the most effective with 1 deck, but most black jack tables have more than that.
  18. damn we got some misinformed people about black jack in here.
  19. Stick with the classic high-low counting method. Since it keeps a running count it can be semi-effective with large shoes of 5-8 decks. It takes a lot of practice to do this in real time in a legitimate casino with any sort of success.
  20. i was just sharing my strategy.. bottom line is the house has the edge regardless of what you do.
    There are ways to cut the percentages down a little, and the way i play is one of them.

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