Blackjack Mainlined

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  1. I figured I'd start another journal for these 3 girls. They are blackjack by nirvana which I grew my previous grow. And the genetics are top notch.
    This time I'm going to top and mainline them. These 3 girls were in my 12/12 tent in 1 gallon pots. I decided right as they started to show sex to repot in 5 gallon buckets and mainline. So they are currently revegging under 24/0 And look awesome. Each one has a 50w autocobb above. And a king led 1200 in the tent as well.

    20190801_131730.jpg 20190801_132507.jpg 20190801_131723.jpg 20190801_131716.jpg 20190801_131720.jpg
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