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    Hey guys & gals. I thought I would start a journal so I can log my grow and see what you guys think.

    Let's start off with my room:

    Roughly 4x4x8 closet (ceiling tapers down to 4' at its lowest point) lined with emergency blankets

    4" intake hole on the door with ducting running to a 7000 BTU AC

    6" exhaust hole with a 180cfm inline booster fan (I'm going to purchase a real exhaust fan with a carbon scrubber very soon)

    Lighting & Materials:

    400W HPS from HTG
    96W 2' 4 bulb Hydrofarm HO T5

    12" oscillating fan
    6" fan

    pH meter
    2 plug digi timer
    1 plug pin timer

    Soil & Nutes:

    Fox Farm Ocean Forest
    Mix of Coco, Peat Moss, and Perlite

    FF Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom

    I think I have everything covered. So I planted 4 germed fem Auto Berry seeds in FFOF cut with a little perlite on 4/20. They all sprouted on 4/24 and looked good at first. The soil ended up burning the crap out of 3 of them.

    The lone survivor has really come back, but it is very small for ~18 days. I flushed twice and the yellowing stopped spreading. It has growing nicely the past 2 days.

    On 5/3 & 5/4 I planted 2 germed fem Blackjack seeds from Nirvana in the mix posted above. They have been doing great right out the gate.

    I stupidly forgot to plug my T5 into the timer. It was running 24/0 while the HPS was 18/6. I noticed some leaf curling because of this so I have since settled on only the HPS 18/6. Curling is gone now.
    My temps range from 69-79.

    I am thinking about giving the Blackjacks their 1st dose of Big Bloom today. Maybe 1/4 strength to test the waters.

    They will be transplanted to 3 gallon pots soon.

    1st pic- Blackjack Day 8
    2nd pic- Blakjack Day 7
    3rd pic- Auto Berry Day ~18

    Thanks everyone!

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    Day 8, 9, 19

    Gave the older Blackjack and the Auto Berry a 1/4 strength dose of Big Bloom yesterday.

    Will post pics of my entire room and the plants when I check on them later today.
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    The Auto Berry and Blackjack have both responded very well to the Big Bloom.

    Just fed the younger Blackjack.

    Temps have been a little lower because of the chilly night we've been having. I think they like it though.

    Updated pics with better view of setup. Sorry about the HPS weirding the pics.

    Anybody have any thoughts about when I should transplant?

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  4. Nice grow man. im subed.

    (if you want to make that blackjack purple put it in the fridge for 24 hours right before you harvest)
  5. Thanks man. Didn't know about the fridge trick.
  6. That or if you dont have room in your fridge just flush with ice cold water;)
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    Sweet, I've heard colder temps can bring out purple.

    Any thoughts on when I should transplant?
  8. Got my electric bill yesterday and am surprisingly pleased that there was less than a $5 increase.

    Planning on grabbing another bag of FFOF tomorrow to transplant them into 3 gallon pots.

    They have responded so well to the Big Bloom that I'm thinking of giving the oldest a small dose of Grow Big next time.

    Temps have been ranging from 68-76. pH of runoff has been 6.5-6.8. I'm watering with distilled water.
  9. i dont know when to transplant. I have always use 5 gallon buckets from home-depot with holes drilled in the side
  10. pulling up a chair for this one I have a auto BHD currently 13 days old bout the size of your auto but man those other 2 are beasts lol can't wait to watch em:hello:
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    lol thanks. They definitely are beasts for their age.

    I really thought the auto was a goner but I let it hang in there. I don't know if you can tell from the pics but the 1st and 2nd set of leaves took one for the team. It recovered nicely and has added a new set of leaves since that last pic.

    Do you have a journal for your auto?
  12. not yet it is really the 1st time i have ever grown anything I have it under a 120 watt tri band led and 150 watt hps I just started messing around for fun .. now im waiting on my tent and 400 watt to come via mail Iknew I shouldve just gone bigger from the start but when the tet and light come in ill order some more autos I am currently germinating 4 ak 48's for when the tent comes in Ill post a pic of my auto though

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    Nice man. I've been curious about LEDs but they are expensive. I learned quickly that HIDs are the way to go...the results speak for themselves. I've seen a few nice LED grows though. Keep me updated.
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    Day 9, 10, 20

    Auto Berry looks so much better. Really rich green color now. As you can see the 2 Blackjacks have really responded wonderfully to the nutes.

    The plants are a healthy green...the pics are just tainted because of the orange warmth of the HPS. I'll take photos when it is off next time.

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  15. Been focusing on these girls so much that I forgot that I had planted another germed Auto Berry seed. I checked on it yesterday and it hasn't sprouted (been almost a week). Oh well. The seeds didn't look like they were very healthy to begin with. Started with 5 seeds...only one out of that batch is still alive. Got them from

    Compare that with these beastly Blackjacks from Nirvana. 2 for 2 on those. I know where my next seed order is coming from :)

    Ordered the 4" inline fan & carbon scrubber combo from HTG. I'm gonna mount it on the outside of the room to save space.

    I'm thinking that 3 gallon pots might be too big now. The Blackjacks are already huge in small starter pots. Probably just overthinking this though.

    I know Autos don't like to be transplanted so I think I'll hold off for now. Don't want to shock it when it's just starting to come back.

    At least there's a couple people subbed now. Feels weird to talk to myself lol
  16. Just transplanted 1 of them Blackjacks to the 3 gallon pot. Perfect timing too. The roots were growing around the sides of the pot. Going to transfer the others tomorrow when I get more soil.

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  17. Day 10, 11, 20

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  18. Day 11, 12, 21

    Transplanted the other Blackjack to its to new home. Auto Berry is really filling in.

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  19. yo, finally got a chance to give this a look.

    looks great so far man ... im all subbed in and ready for this grow.
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    Nice man. Thanks for all your help. Just saw that you got 600W HPS. Your plants are going to love you for that.

    I just gave fed the Auto Berry with 1/4 strength dose of Grow Big. If she likes it I'll do the same to the Blackjacks for their next watering.

    They seem to be tolerating the transplant well. The older one seems to already have grown new sites on top and is branching outward.

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