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  1. god damn, the past 4 nights ive been gettin real shitty just on liquor and bud and ive blacked out every time. and somehow i drive home every time but i dont remember taht shit at all. now its time to make it 5 nights in a row.:metal:
  2. It's because you're drinking.

    And if you think it's a fun game to drive while you're blacking out and drunk, then you need to step back and take a look at shit.
  3. It all depends on the person. I can drive after being completely wasted but try not to do it often anyways. I have no qualms about driving while only high though.
  4. everyone thinks they can drive fine wasted but doing so is just plain irresponsible. get your shit together OP and learn to moderate before you endanger yourself and others.
  5. This is Pandora's Box. Please leave your judgement in some other forum. I drive home intoxicated as well. It is not a problem if you are deeply focused. I've never blacked out though. Kinda crazy but maybe you were focused at the time but just don't remember. (short term memory is shot while high)
  6. Driving home drunk and blacking out is risking not only your life, but other people's as well.

    Do whatever you want with your life, but don't risk other people's lives. You have a say in the matter, they don't.
  7. ^^ didnt u mama come to ur bed every bedtime and remindes u of a important rule .:smoking:. xD
    Dont Drink and Drive! Smoke and fly :smoking::D
  8. ya im not the one to say not to drive home fucked up cause i really don't care.

    but in the last 2-3 months ive been in 2 bad car accidents,the first one could have been very well fatal,i was getting a ride home from a friend that was madd wasted,didn't think twice about it got in the car.

    5 minutes later were trying to run a red light at 75mph past a major intersection,hit a car straight on whole car crunched up like a samewitche,no air bags or seat belt it was a miracle i lived,was such a horrible accident,broke my leg in 5 places an shattered my ankle.

    all sorts of cuts an shit,now about 3 weeks ago,was driving around with a friend after a night of heavy coke an xaxex use if i didn't learn my lesson the first time lol,also took some opaties an drank some beer,an my friend fucking passes out on the wheel and we go it to a ditch an hit some sewer thing,it was a miracle that time to lol that no one got hurt.

    o ya an did i mention i was still on crutches lol,also my leg isn't healing right so i might have to go in to surgery,an i have a feeling it was because the second car accident.but the point of me telling you guys this,is just be careful when driving fucked up.and to tell you the truth i think theres something wrong with me cause i still dont care to get in a car with someone fucked up or even drive my self fucked up
  9. It's a crazy thing to black out; I've been doing it for years. But be careful -- I just got back from court yesterday because I blacked out and kicked in a window somewhere... no recollection at all; it could have been way worse. Know your limits -- drink at home! :)
  10. if your blacking out and driving from being wasted on the drink,,your a dick,i had a very very close member of my family killed by one of you fucking idiots that wanted to drive home wasted,and here you are sying time to make it 5 in a row,wot a fucking idiot,when they lock your dumbass up,hope u think about the family u killed,or could have killed,
    wot a dick
  11. sorry if i offended anyone with my comments thats avery sore touchy subject with me,i lost a very close member of my family to a drunk driver,a kid that was wasted didnt seem to have a care in the world,and in an instant took 2 lifes away,to me life is very precious,and is to be enjoyed,and cherished,its the only one u get,no retakes,no time outs,its gone,take time to think people,get a ride,call a cab,,call melill pay ya cab fare,i only had one mother,and she is gone cause of this,,,think people please,,,,as to the dude that wants to make it 5 in a row,,how can u sit there,and even type something like that,saying time to make it 5 in a row ,you must have a cold heart,and really not care about nothing more than you,and your getting wasted,and knowing your wasted,and putting other peoles life in peril like that,your life,thats cool,do wotever floats your boat,but leave others out

    sorry for the ramble,and again please think peole,do it,but do it right
    may the god of your choice bless u all
  12. ^S'all good dude^

    I hate drunk drivers, they too have killed a family member of mine.

  13. nah man, dont pass judgment on others actions if they dont hurt you. in this case it is pointless endangerment of innocent lives does cross that line.
  14. I really love to drink but driving and drinking is a HUGE NoGo as u All allready tolded to dangerous ...
    and be serious if u would drink or smoke very mutch i think driving should be the last thing with should be on u mind :)
  15. exactly. thats fucking retarded to put other peoples lives in danger. Maybe this time his car will meet a nice TREE on the way home.
  16. damn yall smoke a blunt n CHILL
  17. exactly what i was thinking. when i do drive home like that its because the dudes house i party at is literally less than 3 minutes from my house and its in the same fucking neighborhood and there's not too may people driving around the neighborhood at 3 in the a.m. so chill. if im out drinking at a bar or some shit i take a cab there and back home
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    Hell ya dude. I've been on a bit of a bender lately as well. But careful with the drunk driving. DUIs are a bitch and not to mention it's dangerous. I have a friend who drove his car through one of those roundabout things at intersections and completely fucked up his car and tore a ton of flowers out of it all over the street it was such a mess. Luckily no one really saw it since it was at 4am or so..but it could have been a lot worse. I saw him the next day and told him he's not driving drunk anymore and he claimed he wasn't that bad he just didn't see it. Ooookay. He eventually did get a DUI though and he's stopped acting like a wiseass. Getting a DUI really is the only thing that will stop some people from driving drunk unfortunately. And for some people that doesn't even stop them.
  19. ive lost a few relatives to drunk drivers, so no we won't "chill". even if its 3 mins away, alot of shit can happen in 3 mins, if your blacked out. IMHO, drunk driving is the most idiotic thing someone can do.
  20. I seem to be blacking out a lot more than usual too. My brain's getting soft.

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