blacking out + having sex

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  1. so blades, how many of u experience this?

    it's kinda fucked up n tbh this past week has been just a blur, i dont like hearing what i did from ppl but im surprised i dont have like major whisky dick, lol...

  2. What did I just read?

    but anyway

    Never blacked out...but I've had my ears ring loud as fuck after I fucked.
  3. Caused by the rush of blood
  4. lol how'd you not get what i said?
  5. Hahaha ears ringing?? Best nut ever!! You should always keep her around!!
  6. So you blacked out because you were so messed up and you had sex whilst blacking out?

    Or you blacked out whilst having sex and fell onto of her?

    Forgive me for being slow, but I can't understand what you're saying.
  7. Lol, the first one... I dont remember fucking girls when ive blacked out.
    u good now?

  8. i had to read it twice myself to get it.
  9. So.... don't drink so much and have sex with girls without having to be blackout drunk.

    Problem solved. You get sex, AND you get to remember it. It's way better that way homie.
  10. I don't like not remembering shooting a load into somebody.
  11. Haha those are the best ones!!
  12. I understand op. I do it all the time. Great stuff
  13. I was blackout drunk and almost fell off a bridge.

    At least that's what the police told my friend when he came to pick me up. I have no recollection of the mile long walk to a bridge in freezing weather. New Years man, crazy stuff.
  14. You gonna be a daddy
  15. lol nah fuck that

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