Blackhawks fans only! MVP?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by ChiiDank, May 24, 2010.

  1. Who do you thinks gona get playoff MVP?

    Towes with his 24 points (tieing blackhawks recod)


    Niemi being a rookie and playing like a veteran

    Big buff is up there too, 3 game winning goals in one series, and alot of goals in the Vancouver series, a big factor infront of the next too

    What do you think?
  2. toews deserves it over any other skater, and definitely over niemi
    the whole team is playing awesome
  3. I agree the whole team is playing amazing, but why do you think towes over niemi? He's a rookie who was facing 40+ shots a game and made huge saves, playoff highlight saves too.
  4. you gotta go with toews...niemi is playing amazing but he also has an amazing defense in front of him....the whole offense is going through toews right now...13 games in a row with a point is amazing
  5. i love toews he plays da game right. But Niemi says no!!! dude is playing out of his mind right now even though he only faced like 15 shots in game 4. during the bad stretches the hawks have played Niemi said no 2 goals
  6. I'm a consequential fan, having lived in Illinois for 15 years, however I know nothing about Hockey.

    Umm... Go Hawks!

    :rolleyes: :p
  7. As long as they keep winning I'll be happy. When there is a Hawks game its a gonna be a $300+ night for me.

    Hawks winning = $$$$ for me.
  8. Not a hawks screw off if my opinion offends you.

    But as a Penguins fan, the hawks have my backing all the way in the cup finals against the flyers--I fucking hate the flyers.

    I hate to see Hossa get a cup, but I like most of the hawks otherwise.

    I think Toews or buff gets the conn smythe with a solid finals. Niemi has to be in the mix also. But I say the player that has the best series of those three gets the conn smythe.

    Go hawks! Enjoy your run this year, because next year my team will be gunning for you.

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