blacked out and waking up with cool shit

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    so last night i was with friends, we smoked a buncha weed and shit and i passed out when we started watchign lord of the rings and it was fuckin shitty so i wake up at like 1 in the morning at her house and was like shit i gotta go so i drove home and get home and can't find my grinder. which sucks cuz idk if its at her house or min but i had a dream of somone comming in my room and asking if i wanted alchohol i was like sure and i saw where they put it but i thought it was one of those super real dreams. so anyway i wake up this morning check in that spot and sure enough theres like a full bottle of absolut. i don't drink much but today.... im gettin fucked up.

    thank you mysterious person who gave me free alchohol in my room? and i have half an 1/8 that im pretty sure my friend gave me... i think? idk theres alotta shit from last night that i ended up with and have no idea of where it came from. i have 2 bowls 1/2 an eighth a fifth of absolut and im missing my grinder =/ seems like i ahd a pretty good night.

    i also took 2mg of some unmentionable substance and it made me black out
  2. Might wanna make that last line disappear buddy >.>

    But high-five for cool shit.
  3. free weed> weed

  4. i know! it was a sweet night. and to the guy saying i should take out the last line, i think it's kinda needed because weed dosn't make you black out last i checked.

  5. No but we can't talk about it on here, just tryna stop your post from getting deleted bro ^_^
  6. Yup , many a time I woke up with no memory cuz of the x , except I mostly wake up with shit missing.... But once I woke up on a bag of gummy bears :confused_2: yes I ate em :smoke:
  7. Sounds like an awesome night. My buddys and I always go out and get zooted and the next day we play the game of emptying our pockets to see who has the best random thing. I won today cause I had this random kids I.d thats not even old enough to get into any of the places we go and I have NO idea how i got it.

  8. You might get banned if you don't delete it. but yeah I have participated in the line that isn't the first of your OP and didn't end with good results..
  9. Hmmm...
    I smell a certain mod control that starts with b and ends with anhammer.
  10. yeah those unmentionables get ya. i remember i popped a couple 2 hours before i went to bed and didnt remember shit the next day :confused_2:
  11. Uh. I hate the ridiculousness of having to replace "_____" fill in the blank any drug that we all know about but have to refer to it as an "unmentionable". Disgusting. We're adults.

    But yeah OP, that is fortunate.
  12. [quote name='"Tomber"']Uh. I hate the ridiculousness of having to replace "_____" fill in the blank any drug that we all know about but have to refer to it as an "unmentionable". Disgusting. We're adults.

    But yeah OP, that is fortunate.[/quote]

    Some of us are haha
  13. I miss Pandora's Box....
  14. Happened with me, but a girl and .4 nug. All in all, pretty awesome for both of us
  15. I have a scar on my dick head from a blackout
  16. i mean is it unmentionable here? it's a legally prescribed drug in the us. im personallly prescribed it.

  17. Yes it is unmentionable... It sucks, but whatev...

    Also, theres a posibility you might be blacking out and stealing stuff...
  18. Haha. I drank around 20+ beers the other night, some unmentionables to keep me awake, and smoked a retarded amount of weed. I woke up at 2 in the afternoon with 30 dollars in my pocket, like 8 lighters, weed that wasnt even in a baggy, and like 5 pages of guiness world record book.
    Though I can't remember much, it was AWESOME.
  19. i woke up with 3 random keys in my pocket and one of those old WWE figurines one night after some unmentionables where involved.... none of the keys fit any of my stuff or ANY of my mates stuff, i tried cars, lockers, doors everything haha. But OP free cool shit is the best, never had free alcohol though, im jelly !

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