Blackdawg 60 Days Under CFL, Opinions on Chop?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by skinny ninja, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. I'm currently growing some cuts of what I was told is Blackdawg. I didn't find out anything more about the linage but from some research online i'm assuming it's the strain from SoCal Seed Co. I'm on day 62 of 12/12 and it seems like there's still a ways to go, I'm stumped. Everything i've seen online shows this strain as a 8-9 week flower time, but the calyxes are still white for the most part. Some areas are really under developed.
    This is my first grow using CFLs though (200W). Unfortunately had to make the switch from HIDs. Do CFLs just not ripen the buds to the same level that HIDs do? Or should I wait it out and keep running this strain for a while longer?
    Some opinions from more experienced growers would help. My temps have been around 74-94F with RH from 15-35%. The pictures were taken on day 60 of 12/12.

  2. I have seen cfl grows take forever to ripen. Are you looking at the trichomes with a microscope? This is the only way to tell. Calyx color doesn't mean anything honestly. If places look undeveloped, leave them when harvesting until they finish. Lower buds tend to mature slower than the rest. Get a microscope and check out your trichomes bro.
  3. Thanks man. I just wasn't sure how important calyx development and maturing was to a finished plant, so it was making me worry. I checked the trichs about a week ago and they were a mix of clear and cloudy. I just checked them again today and now they're mostly cloudy with a nice portion of amber trichromes. The harvest is back on for either tomorrow or friday night. Hoping to get a decent yield.

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