Blackberry Kush Harvest/Bud pics

Discussion in 'Bud Shots' started by TKAF, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Whats up guys here are some pictures from my second grow. strain info: afghani mother x DJ shorts blueberry. Pics were taken with my Droid X. Let me know what you think.
  2. 96 views nobody has anything to say? :confused:
  3. DDDAAMMMMNNNN Nice buds man, soo frosty
  4. First pic up top, yummmm!
  5. Its not cause the buds bad lol, I think its cause we see soooo much dank on here that we simply cant comment on it all. At least thats the case for me.. I look daily at ppls pickups, im too high and too lazy to comment on every one.

    Anywaysss that bud looks amazing, its almost perfect looking lol. bet it smells and tastes amazing :smoke:

    also.. that buds uncured as well... when you cure it for a month or two... or longer it will be some of the dankest stuff around, it will become mad frosty!
  6. Some of the better looking bud I've seen on GC
  7. Your GC username was my Xbox live name for yearsss.
  8. how long did you dry as well as cure.

    did you love the smoke?
  9. beautiful.
  10. holy jesus that is a ton of fucking frost
  11. very nicee ...
  12. giggity giggity gigity
  13. The bud in the pics is not dried I will post a pic of some dried buds. I dried for 4 days and plan to cure for a month. Thanks everyone for your comments definitely some good smoke cant wait for it to finish curing. :hello:
  14. Nice!!! Second grow....WOW!!! my second grow didn't come out even near as good as took till my 4th grow to get some chronic like that good job bro!!!
  15. You got it jarr'd up now right? Looks great!
  16. Droid has a nice camera! Damn! And buds are frosty as hell nice grow!
  17. Wow shit looks flaaammmmeee. Im on my 2nd grow as well and none of mine look that good. Propsss I wanna smoke it :)
  18. frosty nugs, brother. + rep for your second grow.
  19. bagseed rulez

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