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Black&White or Shades of Grey

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Feb 27, 2003.


The way it is?

  1. Black & White. Right & wrong. this way or that.

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  2. Shades of Grey. the complexity of the cosmological fractal.

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  1. haha.. i can't believe i hadn't thought of this poll before. so simple. so that even the black&white thinkers can handle the options.
  2. gray man, dunno why, dont even actually understand this post
  3. what he means everything as simple as it seems....right and and white, or does most things change depending on circumstances....e.g.....a woman cheats on her husband with another guy.....but her and her lover love each other....does that make it right or wrong?....who decides.......does everything have only 2 sides?.....Peace out...Sid
  4. Sid has it. I Picked grey. Different people will see things very different!
  5. grey, grey, grey,grey, grey, grey, grey,grey, grey, grey, grey,grey, grey, grey, grey,grey, grey, grey, grey,grey, grey, grey, grey,grey, grey, grey, grey,grey, grey, grey, grey,grey!!! (hmmm this decision appears to be rather black + white =D)
  6. shades of grey

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  7. shades of grey man. how could everything be so precise the answer it couldnt
  8. Because there is no such thing as right or wrong, just choices, some good. some bad. You can argue that the 2 other people love each other, but what about the husband... and thats why when the husband finds out, its his choice to leave her or snap and kill... that is another thing which could be debated, see, it never ends. Its personality that is the ultimate judge, how you feel about what you have done. that is why some people can change certain ways and others cant , or why people murder, and some are extreme goody 2 shoes.... you make yourself....
  9. reality is black and white ...its our minds that create grey....

    that is a rock ...or it is not a and white

    that makes him also makes her sad ....grey

    so ither side could be said to be right depending on how you look at it ....

    not everything is about morals...
  10. I chose grey but I think a better option would be full fucking technicolour with bits of cheese round the outsides.
  11. hah-haa! nice one switch. yeah full colour even the ends of the spectrum we can't see and its all got sound too, and motion. it's all one big cosmic fractal that we yet have to figure out how to understand.

    and kex, i like da way u too, picked up on the irony of it all.


    the results just couldn't have turned out better. i shoulda known that the vast majority of tokers would understand.
  12. remmeber the song black nyellow black n yellow. its black
  13. As soon as I saw this thread was started by Digit I knew this was going to be one hell of a necropost
  14. yea.. so did you vote on the poll??
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    both i didn't vote because neither option tells the whole story the poll is rigid

    if you eliminate black and white you loose science .....

    if you eliminate grey you loose all subjective human interaction that i think you

    might find we humans value most of all....

    we need both.....
  16. Who picked black and white?
  17. supposed to be an anonymous poll :(
  18. Hard lines only exist in concept, everything is shades of grey. We have a tendency to see things in black and white because of our ability to interpret patterns. This ability is what allowed us to evolve past our very early ancestors, but it's an illusion.
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    illusion? continue
  20. all i know is dont eat yellow snow

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