Black/white Coal + Pencil - Portrait Drawing

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  1. Pictures honestly screw with the quality.
    its alot smoother in person and the face is brighter.
    Taking a picture of a drawing never reproduces it well.
    But enjoy, just a work in progress so far.

    3 days on and off.... haven't been keeping track of time
    But I imagine somewhere between 6-12 hours.
    Yes, i know the hair on the right side is screwy.
    In my reference pic there's no hair visible on that side
    So I had to free-style it pretty much
    size from the top of the head to the lowest point on the hair is ~10 inches.

    Don't be to harsh, I haven't drawn in 10+ months since I graduated high school

  2. Very smooth and good values. I like it!
  3. this is great ! i seriously love it. xo
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    I don't see how anybody could be "too harsh"
    I's really good.

    The only thing I can notice that might help you out next time is that I noticed her left eye (the viewer's right) is a little too far to the 'viewers' left...making her a little bit cross-eyed.

    It could be just me though.

    Excellent work though man keep em' commin'.

    edit: btw, the hair looks really good​

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