Black & White 1 and 2

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  1. Anyone still play these games? They're still amazing because there are not many god games like them. Is there a possibility for Black & White 3?
  2. i used to play 2 till i threw it out accidently. 3 would be sick but i dont think itll come
  3. IIRC there were going to be like 6 games. B&W3 would see our godly powers come to a peak and then after that they'd go back down to basic powers in later games.

    Then again that might be bullshit.

    All I know is that this series died too young, much more potential than Fable.
  4. i played 1 and 2, but two crapped out on me for sumreason, just never wanted to run right.
  5. I ordered the expansion for B&W2, I've beaten B&W2 so many times I figured I'd check out the expansion.
  6. Word, BnW2 is just fucking great, although I could never get into BnW1.
  7. same thing happened to me, I was 2 levels away from beating the second one and it just crapped out. Awesome games though, very original.
  8. I started off by playing B&W1, it was great for what it was.

    B&W2 was also very great but Molyneux has a bad habit of telling you all these great things about his games that usually aren't in the final product.
  9. :laughing: Tell me about it man. The first lionhead game I ever played was Fable: The Lost Chapters and it blew me away. Then I looked at reviews and everyone was totally pissed. I was like"" until I took a look at some of the things Molyneux claimed were going to be in the game.

    Still, nothing but love for my hommie Molyneux. Definitely one of the better developers out there, even if he hypes up his games to much, he doesnt do it for sales, he does it because hes exited himself.
  10. Yeah I know why he does it, and I understand sometimes things don't work out as planned.

    Someone else who did that recently was... Will Wright.

    And I think Black & White is a better series than Fable.

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