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Black weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Auditore, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Quick question gize, I bought a baggie yesterday, decent bud, left the bag open overnight, now it's black? I looks like its been smoked but it hasn't. Has it lost potency? Can I still smoke that shit? ( I will anyways)

    I'd appreciate an answer so I can delete this thread.

    Thank you.
  2. hahahah what? maybe your homie smoked it and then put it back in the baggie..... :D

  3. LAWL

    Doubt it.
  4. hahah seriously though i have no idea, i've never heard of that happening before. I probably wouldnt smoke it if i were you though.... it could be some type of mold possibly? Post a pic!
  5. What is it still in bud form or wtf?

    I would say mold but that's usually white/yellow
  6. Pics of this plz.
  7. Yeah, we need pictures for a proper diagnosis.
  8. Here we go

  9. I also left it out in my bathroom while i took a hot shower...
  10. Damn dude, i have no clue..
  11. Btw the weed "above" the rillo is the black weed
  12. i'm sorry, i would never smoke that, but tell me what it does to you!
  13. Do not want.
    I honestly wouldn't smoke that, but I'm super paranoid about everything lol.
  14. Im rolling it right now, give me five minutos.
  15. It looks like low grade weed that has been vaped or was packed in a bowl and someone took one hit off it then emptied the bowl.
  16. That looks disgusting yo, and I've smoked ABV that was a few months old ahha
  17. do you have a roommate or something that would try and be crafty?
  18. No roommate, i just rolled it and i noticed the inside of the nuggets are still green, i just sparked, ok.... For scienceeeeeee
  19. Good luck man, I hope that weed doesnt turn you into a mutated freak or some shit. Incase this does happen, I will take the liberty of removing your head from your body, ceasing your existence.

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