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  1. Does anyone in Canada have any experience with using the black swallow amendment pack? They are my only option. Other than buying all the ingredients by themselves as they are hard to find here. And if you can they are super expensive. Tried to add a screenshot of the ingredients but the site not letting me upload a picture.
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  2. They are your only nutrient option??
  3. As a nutrient pack yes. I can't source all the nutrients I need locally. And I ones I can find are super overpriced. Do you have any places? Everything online is priced ok but the shipping is outrageous.
  4. Are you only considering organic?
  5. Yes.
  6. I currently run salt based nutrients for my cannabis, however there are some very good organic growers and guides in this forum. Perhaps @TimJ might be willing to toss his hat in the proverbial ring. I have to believe you can do cheaper than $25 for 2.2k of dry amendment, but I could be wrong.
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  7. I will have to do some more reading. Black swallow does offer larger packs of 20kg for $125. I'd be able to use it in all my gardens not just for my cannabis.
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  8. I'll need to think about who has run black swallow amendments. I do recall someone here has run it. If you can purchase Espoma products, like "Tomato tone" you can build a soil using that. It may be a cheaper alternative.
  9. That doesn't seem like a bad product or price.
  10. I believe they worked with KIS organics on the recipe.
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  11. being organic I wonder how they can guarantee the storage perhaps the preservatives are organic too?
  12. @NorthernAutos may be the one that uses that line or may be able to help you out as I believe he is from the Great White North.
    BTW, I love these guys..
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