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Black stuff on side of grinders...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fridgestar, May 2, 2011.

  1. was wondering what the black stuff on the inside sides of grinders actually is, and how do i get rid/prevent it from building up since it loosens the compartments.
  2. Is your grinder black? It's probably chipped paint. Can't think of anything else that it could be.
  3. Either ^ that or it might be dust. Do you keep in in your pockets/backpack often?
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    Dude give the $10 gas station grinder to your friend. You can buy a Sharpstone for 30 bucks :)
  5. ive noticed that if any trichomes escape the chamber of the grinder and hit the threads on the twist on/off part, that they sometimes get dark/black from being ground in the threads together.

    not sure if you mean that, or something on the inside of the grinder chamber.
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    These guys don't know shit.

    (edit: ninja'd by architoker)

    If you grind a ton of weed, what that black stuff essentially is is hash. Just in an oddball form. You can clean it w/ a q-tip and some alcohol. Or you can do qwiso which there are tutorials for on this site.

    I prefer to just scrape it off w/ a knife and throw it on top of the bowl.

    It'll get you really high.

    You can tell the difference between chipped paint and black, stretchy stuff can't you?

    I had a grinder that was so gummed up that it couldn't turn at all and I just gave up on it for months, then one day just say down and cleaned the fuck out of it and the resultant pile of shit got me high as a fucking monkey.
  7. if its a brown gunk it could just be thc and plant materials thats been rubbed up against the sides of your grinder

  8. :confused:
  9. it could be really really really smooshed weed
  10. yea, i think its definitely the crystals and shit. always thought that, but was generally high so wasn't sure. im probably going to clean out the 2piece grinder i had for all of freshman year of uni and see how high i get off that.
  11. I was wondering this same question and thought maybe it's hash but I thought that would be to good to be true thanks for clearing this up. :D
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    You've all Officialy been ninja'd by mrgoodsmoke

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  13. mrgoodsmoke and jeffdankity are right, its leftover kief and plant matter that over time from grinding compress and condense on the nearly unreachable sides of your grinder. Use a sharp point or isopropyl alcohol to get it, and smoke that shit, gets you uber high.
  14. I had a grinder that worked great except for the fact that it would become hard to turn with due a green/black residue on the sides of the grinder. What i believed it to be after research was when a small amount of bud was pressed in between walls of the grinder.

    To clean it just get some 99% isopropyl alcohol with a q-tip and rub. Comes right off and then it works like brand new. I promise.
  15. LOL, that sounds like an excellent experience.

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