Black Strap Molasses in dwc

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    Hey guys picked up some black strap molasses tonight and am thinking about implementing into my feeding regime.

    As of right now I'm mid week 4 in flower. Am running a 5gal bucket with air stones so no pump or other shit to get destroyed by the sticky ness

    I'm feeding her optimum hydroponix 2 part, monster bloom, call mag and hydroponix's enzyme. Growth is good, shocking actually. But am hearing that adding in BSM can help, specially as a carb.

    Now I 'm getting mixed reviews in my research on adding it into the DWC. Aswell nobody is mentioning any use of enzymes in conjunction with BSM.

    Obviously adding in sugar to a bacterial based environment is going to cuase problems, as some have claimed in their response. But others have claimed to be getting away with it.

    I'm just wanting to grow buds that are going to be tasty and impressive, instead of blan and unresinus
  2. During tha last few weeks of flower I add bsm in fresh water to my res for a day while I flush my medium before redoing nutes. I have a buddy that went overboard with it and plugged a bunch of his tubing, thus the short time in the res.
  3. ya ended up using 1-1/2tsp of bsm to 4gl of water. I first dissolved the bsm into a cup of water and enzyme, let it sit for about 20 mins before I put it into the bucket.

    I don't have a res for my bucket so all I have to worry about is moving the shrub and keeping the air stones decent. and I find adding in the enzyme takes care of the sediment that builds up on the bottom of the bucket, as well I find it cuts down on the thickness of biofilm that forms on the walls and air lines.

    I'll do it for a week and see if there are any problems if not then i'll alternate weeks with the of use to cal/mag.
  4. day one, I checked the bucket and there is a bit more bubbles then normal but over all it isn't stinking so hopefully it's going good. no notable difference in the plant either but I look at it every day so I miss the subtle changes

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