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  1. Hey, this is my first grow, and for the most part it was going pretty well....i used miracle gro potting soil, and just water, i dunno what to use for fert, or when i should use it...but it's been a month or so and my plant is about a foot tall....Anyways the problem is that the edges of some of the leaves (not on top, but near the top) are getting black spotty stuff on the edges, and two bottom leaves died i'm not sure if it's a major problem, or if it's just the lower leaves getting shaded by the top....sorry i don't have any pics right now, but i'll try to get some...
  2. What has been your water schedual since you planted your seeds. When and how much?
  3. well they're actually clones...i never started from seed, but i'm not even really sure how much to water...or how often...but i give them a little bit everyday....i don't really know what i'm doing so, any advice that would seem obvious to all you guys, may be very useful to me...thanks
  4. u wouldent be able to get sum picz up, n we got a thread with pics n info of ill mj plantz..
  5. Alright, so i pulled the plant out of its pot, and boom!! roots were wrapping around the outside of the pot, so i transplanted it to a bigger pot and pulled the dead leaves we'll see how it goes in the next few days...where's this picture thread BTW?? and also, my digital camera is busted, so i can't get any high res images....
  6. the leafs that died off how did they die off? turn yellow first then died or died because of this black/colored stuff.

    Watering all depends on the size of pot, plant, soil.... i water every other day very well and leave it, in 2 days i can see the soil is very dry almost cracking and then i water again... With potting soil such as miricle grow it may be hard to tell, so do as your doing and just give it a little every day... If your under flourescents i would suggest you water it and then leave it until you see the leafs start to droop, this is an indication that it needs water, from there you can tell how much days that takes and then water accordingly.

    What did you transplant it into? size pot and type of soil, if miricle grow soil once again do not add ferts, if you MUST add ferts to MG soil use Schults Liquid Plant food (7 drops per quart) you can feed them with that every day if you like, but MG Soil already has ferts in it so no need until you start to flower.

    Pictures can help, but does sound like you were rootbound which could cause leafs to die off because of it.
  7. they turned an ugly pale yellow, and got all brown and spotty....and then turned all brown so i pulled them off....and some of the middle leaves the black spots have turned into brown spots...Oh, and the poy i transplanted to is about 12 or 13 inches deep, and about a foot across...
  8. Since you have not fertilized, they are probably becoming severely N deficient and the black you see is at the end of the leafs life and it is necrosis.
  9. bah, i thought miracle gro soil would make it so i didn't have to worry about shit like that...oh well, i got some pics....she's looking pretty bad :(





  10. great plant, the potting soil bag probably recommends miracle grow erts, try it out.
  11. Wait a minute ixnay on the Itrogen Difficencyay.
    MG potting soil + necrotic leaves= me changing my diagnosis to fertilizer burn (based on those pictures). What kind of lights you using and how long have they been in that stuff? Lucky your plant is so mature otherwise they would be worse.
  12. I'm using a 2x2x1 greenhouse i made with some 1x1 lumber and poly wrap (vapor barrier for houses) and i'm using 100% sunlight....and by in that stuff, i'm assuming you mean soil, cause it's been in the sunlight its whole the soil has been used since it was a baby clone...i actually didn't mention that i transplanted to a bigger pot and used different potting soil...but added a little bit of MG to the new soil, in hope that it would be sorta like the soil it was already in...

    obviously i fucked how do i save my plant??
  13. Yo man.
    Don't panic just yet. It is only the very bottom leaves. You are far from losing this plant. If they have been in the MG since childhood then its not the soil. It totally looks like fert burn though. Have you given this thing any fertilizer yet? When did you transplant her and when you did, how did the roots look? Also, since it is probably obvious to you that I don't know whats wrong (and apparently nobody else does because no reply) why don't you give me a soil PH reading too. That will give us all the variables so we can start to narrow it down.
  14. the roots weren't like spider webbing...but they were wrapping quite a bit...maybe i didn't losen the roots enough...but i mean, i added MG to the new soil myself, so maybe i added too much...i dunno...if i added too much miracle grow, how do i correct it?? and i can always check the roots again..

    oh, what do i need to read the ph level, and where can i obtain it??
  15. I was just asking about the roots because I wanted to make sure they were not rotting. Don't think you have root rot though. That is seen more towards the tops as well I believe. Talk to me about the Miricle Grow. Does it have time release fertilizer or added fertilizer/nutrients in it? If so transplant to some potting professional potting soil. If not, get yourself a good N fertilizer such as 20-20-20 or something and feed them 1/4 of what it says on the box. Mix this in your water every 2 weeks or so and the second time you feed them use half of what it says on the box. Use this in that manner until flowering. To test the soil ph, use this $5.95 probe that you stick right into the soil. Purchase it at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes or any nursery.

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  16. so scrap the MG....get new soil...feed them different ferts, and take a ph reading....ok, so my plant will be ok right??
  17. You got it.
    I think your plant will be ok. Has the problem progressed at all?
  18. Well the bottom most leaf that was already yellowing on the stem, i pinched off...but the other one seems to have stopped, or slow it's death....I think it may be cause the day after i left it out in the rain in hope the thourough saturation of water would dilute any "hot spots" where the roots could have been damage by excessive ferts...i still gotta get all that other info too, but the ph thing will have to wait till payday...

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