Black smoke from new bowl!

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  1. Yesterday I went to my smoke shop that I have been going since high school and purchased a glass bowl for my bong. It has a really weird shape like to expand the smoke before being pulled through. I had one successful bowl. After there came a awful smell which I hit anyway (assuming it was the weed) and I freaked out that I was having a heart attack and had all the symptoms. Nothing happened* and now I realize the bowl smells like straight chemicals when exposed to heat from a lighter and stains black. If you hit with no weed there is black smoke from just the bowl!!! Can anybody tell me what I am dealing with and if I need a hospital?
  2. Were you even smoking weed bro?

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  3. go back to the shop and thell them what happened, ask them what the bowl is made of
  4. The fuck? The bowl should just be made of glass. Glass can't catch on fire. If there's a design on it, it should be blown into the glass.
  5. lighters leave behind black soot, some more than others, so using the lighter to test the bowl might net you the black shit and chemical smell. as for the bowl it should be blatant if it is silica or not by tapping it against something hard.

    or it could be the case of there being some type of dye release on the bowl. in that case and the proceeding case it'd be best to give the bowl a thorough cleaning and go from there

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