black russian?!

Discussion in 'General' started by Vortak, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. hey, my friend made one of these the other night and it was SO GOOD. I looked up how they are usually made, but his is different, and though I havent tried the other, it sounds like this is a lot better.

    some ice and pour over
    2 shots vodka
    1 shot kahlua
    fill the rest with chocolate milk

    now some of you might not like vodka (I dont)
    and some may not like kahlua (I dont)
    and well if you dont like chocolate milk then dont bother

    but wow. it tasted like it was just chocolate milk. I smoked and had like 1 1/2 shots of gin a half hour before tasting this, so I dont know if that may be why, but wow, it was sooooo good I had to share. I am definitely making it next time I have a party.:smoking:
  2. a black russian is a white russian without the milk. you had a chocolate white russian... to be accurate
  3. oooh ok, thanks for clearing that up, I dont really know too much about mixing. all I know is that it was goooood
  4. Yeah. A white russian goes down smoother than many other drinks and tastes amazing. :hello:
  5. Its more like a 'Finnish Negro'...:D
  6. or a brown russian or dirty russian. i knew someone would try to correct me. its all chocolate, its not like these things only have one name but there are names that they are explicitly not...
  7. isnt that a mudslide>?
  8. Oh man this thread takes me back to my periodic obsession with white russians.

    Best drink Ive ever made:
    throw in some ice
    2 shots blavod (black vodka)
    1 shot kahlua
    fill the rest with chocolate milk
  9. Mmm white russians are great!, me and some friends had some the last day of school to finish it off and they were tasty!

    I think we used coffee creamer tho instead of milk.
  10. I love white russians. They are so bomb its not even funny!

    And i make my black russians with

    2 parts vodka
    1 part khalua
  11. your recipe is for a white russian but with chocolate milk, black russians are vodka and khalua :p thats my new years eve drink ;)

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