Black President???

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by XxJWxX, May 25, 2003.

  1. Do you personally believe we will one day have a black president...Anytime soon? I believe we will one day, maybe a long time from now but it will happen someday. I doubt my generation or my childrens or childrens children will see it either but you never know. No im not black but I do support having a black, hispanic, or white president, no arab dudes though (sorry if you take that offensively). As long as they're well educated and strong minded people it doesnt bother me.
  2. i say condoliza rice is being primed for the possition. she can tow the party line, is capitalist, and can kill two birds with one stone (female & non-cocasian).

    i think a better question would be... will there ever be a liberal president?
  3. Yah, Condoliza Rice has a lot of potential but I honestly don't know if I would vote for a woman. I know its sexist but since thats not the question I'll save it for another thread.

    What about Colin Powell? You think Rice is being groomed for the position moreso than Powell? He's a Gulf war hero and now has experience as secretary of state. Plus he was damn close to running in the last election.

    Had he ran on the democratic ticket I very well may have voted for him. Who knows?

    I don't think a black president is to far off.
  4. I think your country needs more than just one president, no matter if it's black or white or bkue, man or woman.
  5. Yes I think one day we will. Black people, white people, Mexicans, Greek, etc.... were all the same. i think if anyone of any color or race puts their mind to it and is determined, they can be whatever the fuk they wanna be....even if it is president..... race and color do not mean shit to me personally and racist people should die.
  6. I think the United States will have a black president, before we have a gay or woman president. I don't know why I say that, but I have a feeling.

    Personally, I don't care what color, gender, or sexual preference our president is. I would like one that's for the legalization of marijuana. :)

  7. u think it matters who you vote for?

    dont u remember last election??


    heh heh
  8. I agree with digit, the question is will the U.S. ever have a liberal president?

    I've had my eyes on Howard Dean, who has a shot at the democratic nominee.
  9. I've always thought that Colin Powell would have a one way ticket if he ran for pres

    support for the war was faltering at one point despite several speaches a week by Dubya, then Powell goes to the UN one time and support rose 16% or something crazy like that

    if he hadn't turned into just another uber hawk I wouldn't feel so bad if he were pres

    at least then there'd be an intelligent president

  10. HERE HERE!

    but remember... Tricky Dicky was one of the most inteligent pres ever... intelect doesnt garuntee a good honest run in office.
  11. Colin Powell would make a great black president, at least I think so. We need not only an intelligent president but a president with more personality and style ya know?

    A man is less appealing just siting there in an ugly suit blabbering his mouth sounding like a fucking robot. We need a president with more character and better goals to achieve. John F Kennedy was great but he was before my time.
  12. JFK RIP.

    shame he took a cia bullet in the head. :(

    maybe the world would be a far better place if he had served his time.

  13. umm, didn't clinton have both personality and style? shure he had some fun with the interms, but hey, big men got big desires :)

    in the last 20 years, i think bill was the best president the US had. and he was smart as hell, with only one weakness. young women.

    on another note, i cannot understand why you americans made such a big fuzz about bill cheating on hillary. it had nothing to do with governing the country. the republicans spent millions of dollars trying to impeach bill for this minor offence that only his wife had any reason to bawk at anyways. why aren't the republicans just as eager to impeach dubya for his association with the enron scandal, the stolen elections, the faked evidence for invading iraq...
  14. shshshshshsh zy!

    americans dont know that the evidence was faked yet... its not been in the news over there yet. shshsh, dont let the cat outta the bag! lol

    Clinton did his share of under the table dark shit too, but he is one of america's more angelic presidents... relatively speaking.
    totally fucked up that its his personal life that gets him in trouble, yet bush gets away with acting like a dictator of the worst kind.
  15. dang, i didn't mean to let the cat out of the bag. gotta watch my typin' fingers so that i dont get picked up by echelon and kidnapped by the cia...

    i might end up at guatanamo base with all the other alleged terrorists :)

    edit: double dang, i used the T word, now i'm shure to get picked up by echelon. as long as i don't mention bomb or hijacking i should be fine.



  16. um....just so ya know we weren't trying to impeach Clinton for hookin with an intern.

    He lied under oath, WHILE IN OFFICE AS PRESIDENT, in the sexual harrasment trial that the intern brought against him. Don't you remember that famous "I did-NOT-have-sexual-relations-with-that-woman, monica lewinsky" statement? That was the story he kept tellin everybody.

    Turns out it wasn't true cuz it eventually came out that he poked her in the vag with a cigar and plus got a blowjob. Basically he was like "That stuff doesn't count!" (not a direct quote). Everyone else was like "yes it does count!" (again, not a direct quote)

    But anyway that was the deal with Clinton (in a very small nutshell). He was dishonest and displayed a lack of respect for the American justice system. Thats why they were trying to impeach him.

    Personally, I have no qualms with Dubya just yet. ...oh yah except the whole economy thing!
  17. if you were cheating on your significant other, i'm pretty well shure you would lie about it to. the question you need to ask is *why* did that case go to court. answer is: the republicans were on a whichhunt. they didn't find anything that resembled true crime whilst in office, so they went for the moral highground instead. wonder how many republicans (or politicians in general) that have *not* cheated on their wife/husband at one time or another in their career?

    so i don't see any fault in bill lying about his extra-marital affairs. the travisy in my opinion is that the question was asked in the first place. it wasn't anybodys business. except hillarys ofcourse.
  18. blah, blah blah, "witch hunt" this and "secret agenda" that...

    Its simple really, if your a dirtbag who wants cheat on his wife then fine. Go ahead.

    But if you're that weak then why run for president? Why voluntarily put yourself under the microscope? He knew what he was doing and was well aware of the implications of getting caught. I'm not gonna cut the man any slack or try to sympathize with him

    I'm sorry Zylark I don't know what country you're from but if the leader of your nation was bangin hookers down in the Red Light District would that be okay? I mean where do you draw the line?

    He is our figurehead and represents us on the world stage. His actions reflect on us. The fact that he gets on T.V., looks directly into the camera, and lies to our faces is something that we take personal in a way I guess you just can't understand.


    I didn't answer your question did I? I do believe its very possible that the republicans just wanted bring about Clintion's downfall so that they could get a crack at the presidency. But thats all part of democracy. The knowledge that the opposing party is waitng in the wings lickin their chops is suppose to keep the guys in power from doing anything stupid.

    On the otherhand I also believe it entirely possible that Monica Lewinsky is just a silly ho who give BJ's to married men. She coulda been after a big fat settlement check. ( i mean who REALLY expected the whole thing to go to trial anyway, right?)

    These possiblities still don't change the fact that I think we were right for goin after him.
  19. i could vote for a person that cheated on a wife/husband..
    but not one that lies right in the nations face..

    so i gotta agree with BeRzErKaS on this one..
    but i really think that the question should have been asked at all.. if he cheats, thats hillarys problem..

    btw Zylark.. eon is the r0x ;)
    where the hell did you find that pic? :p

  20. hmmm.....
    sound familiar? :p

    oh and heres a little to you berzerka...
    i am pro brothel legalisation. it may not fit with our desire for a perfect society, but as many rightwinger authoritarians have always told me, we do not, and never will, live in a perfect society.
    Regulation of the worlds oldest trade sounds far better than gun-ho cops shooting at hookers down alleys doesnt it?
    that doesnt mean i think what he did was right, but i certainly dont think he should have endured the slandering campaign he endured. there was (and is) an obvious political agenda i think.

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