Black ppl harassing me about Jesus.

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    Before I get into what it is I have to say, I want to put a few disclaimers:

    1.) I'm not racist. If it were ever found out that I was (since everyone likes to claim that everybody is at least a little racist), then I guarantee, black or African-American's are on the bottom of the list of races I dislike.

    2.) I don't know much about Afrocentrism and only have a mild knowledge about the crusades, however this thread will loosley touch on both of those things.

    3.) I am not atheist - but I have a huge problem with people who try and force their beliefs on others.

    4.) For further clarification on what a "black mall" is, watch Chris Rock's stand up.

    A few months back, I was at my local shopping mall with a white friend of mine - I myself am Indian (brown). Most in the community and outsiders would agree that the mall we were at is the "black" mall.

    While eating at the food court, a black women approached me, along with two other men (all black). They began to try and convert me to Christianity - and became very aggressive about it. In the end, they guaranteed me that I was going to hell, because I didn't believe what they wanted me to.

    Besides the annoying fact that I was being harassed, while trying to enjoy my meal - there is something more that bothers me. Maybe I am uneducated on the matter, but as far as I can remember, It was the crusades that introduced Christianity to Africa and black people centuries ago in the first place. It was a European religion that was forcefully willed onto the dark continent a long time ago - especially in the northern regions.

    So basically, I find it a little asinine, hypocritical, and disrespectful to ancestors of Africa, for a group of black people with European names to preach to me about a European religion.

    I see religious nut jobs all over, of all races, that is a whole other rant - but evangelical African-Americans are an enigma to me. As a black person, wouldn't you want to know more about your actual roots and not invest so much time in the gospel of white people?

    This is not a one time instance - majority of the black people in my community are uber-christian. There is even a show on our local cable access, hosted by three black guys, called "witnesses of Jesus" - all of the hosts are African born.

    As I eluded to earlier, it is possible that my confusion and frustration on this matter is due to a lack of education on my part - I don't mind being corrected however. In fact, correct me or fill me in on the truth - because apparently I am missing something.

    What's the deal with black people and Jesus?
  2. What's the deal with black people?
  3. I agree it's stupid. But poor and uneducated people are more likely to be gullible and are more likely to believe in religion as a result. And less fortunate people are more likely to look to "God" and "Jesus" to answer their problems because they need something to "hope for" to help their harder solved problems or whatever...
  4. i thought christianity, judaism and islam were all started in Isreal?
    how could a religion worshiping the son of god, who was born in Isreal, be a european religion? i'm aware of the crusades and all but europeans had to of stole the religion from the middle east, no?
  5. fuck them all, religious nut jobs ruin everything.

  6. So you think the people in my community are completely ignorant of the crusades?

    You may be right - it may have started elsewhere, but obviously the crusades started in Europe, and that is what I was getting at.

    Similarly, Buddhism started in India, but flourished in China. It is possible, In fact I am almost sure, that Christianity started elsewhere, but flourished in Europe.
  7. evangelism isn't limited to one race... you had one encounter with some extremists and you suddenly stereotype black people as religious zealots.

    give me a break.
  8. Christianity started in the middle east.. In Jerusalem. Modern day Israel. I

  9. Its not - I literally mentioned that in my OP. I'm not saying that ALL black people are evangelical.

    I have noticed that majority of the black people in my area are very religious. That doesn't come from 1 bad experience. I have lived here 11 years.

    Also, this topic is more about the lack of acknowledgement of how Christianity entered into the black community in the first place.

    No need to be so sensitive. People like you are why I had to start off with a non-sense disclaimer.

  10. That has nothing to do with their belief in God and Jesus. They're too scared to let go of that stuff because It's all they've known for a long time. Fear is a big factor. And yeah I'd venture many of them are ignorant about the imperialism of Christianity.
  11. I will say one thing on the matter of "sticking to your roots"...

    A very large of black people (in the US at least) are descended from former slaves.
    When the foundational time of your family consisted mostly of slavery (which was much more psychological than many people realize, they were meat ally beat down and had their culture taken from them...) is there really that much to be unique?
    You say, "No, obviously that doesn't make sense, I mean go back farther. To Africa."
    The last 400 years of any black person outside of Africa's family tree has seen colonial oppression, civil war, foreign war, famine and disease (you think Africans knew what smallpox was before Europeaners started messing about?) what culture is there really to go back to?
    Can a people's identity really stand 500 years of absence?
  12. I get what you're saying OP. It's like a complex form of something like stockholm syndrome, yet carried out over generations through history.

    What's more enigmatic to me, is the evangelical atheist. The non-believer who insists that you shouldn't believe either, and goes out attempting to convert people to the religion of atheism.

  13. re·li·gion/riˈlijən/
    The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods.
    Details of belief as taught or discussed.

    - Google Definitions. :wave:
  14. I blame Constantine. Plain and simple.

  15. Interesting insight. If I am understanding correctly, your claim is that because black people in this country are largely decedents of slaves, they have been stripped of their roots and ancestory - to the point they are completely disconnected from their African roots?

    Ya forcing beliefs on people isn't cool - however I have never noticed a huge movement of atheits trying to convert people. Religions have youth groups, conventions, missions, etc to help spread their word of god. I have never seen atheism with that type of organized marketing.
  16. Neo?:eek:

  17. and that even if they weren't (I'm sure SOME slaves managed to pass their ok ways onto post-slavery descendants) there wasn't much of an "African culture" to preserve. The slave were taken from an already pretty upset place, smothers wasn't that much (or not much that was pretty) to pass down.

    I would just to point out at this point that I'm 100% white as far back as I can check...

  18. As in Constantinople, the Roman Empire and all that shit...

  19. penis.

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