Black plauge ! (spots) and Mutant growth!

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  1. on the first photo the 2 in the front are gone,you might wana consider pulling them,but mate the rest of those plants are far from dead and may pull through,unwell yes, 3 are looking ok

    allways look at the tip growth for signs of plant health,the large sun or fan leaves are showing you what happened last week in terms of plant health

    if a leaf is more than 50% dead remove it ,it is just a waste losing valuable moisture through transpiration

    how is the mother
  2. well the mom doesnt look too bad. and i think that spray im using isnt helping much, but i'd rather have those bugs dead for sure!

    this is the worst of the moms leafs

    i cant fit all of her in a picture, she's pretty big.

    here's a recent developement on another plant in the flower room

    other than that everything is healthy

    the spots are due to bad diligence on my part ( i thought) for PH levels, i just put these girls into 12/12, the mom was drinking 3 gal every 2 days in veg and my PH / TDS levels were getting out of control every other day..

    im working on a recirculating resivoir as we speak ;)
  3. yeah you started off with cuttings that were already in trouble, & as luck would have it , things just ran down hill, I still dont think you had any mould issues................... ph & the spray were the issues IMO

    mom has a defeciencies so the cuttings will have the same def, without roots or nutes the cuttings didnt have a great chance to fix its self, & the spary compounded your problems

    whats the PH of mom now?
  4. Thanks a ton for the help, the mom is in top shape, just had a shaky run there when i couldn't check on the plants that often. (works been killing me lately!)

    AND they were in veg still. so mom was drinking 3-4 gal every 3 days!!!! (mostly liquid, leaving a nasty solution mix in the bottom.)

    now that they are 12/12 the water uptake is much slower, i'll have that fixed with my new DWC system soon! :)

    my solution mix at the moment is 5.6PH and 850PPM :) (30mg of PH down, 15mg of Nute, 5mg of suppliment)

    only my 2nd grow, so i'm definatly still learning. people like you guys have gotten me through a lot!
  5. post mould clone

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  6. im imbaresed to show,:eek:the above is the sole survivor of 4 cuttings the other 3 lost to mould fungi,it was in way way worse condition than yours,what apears to be the top node is the second node the top was tuned to mush as were the two lower nodes

    im no expert ,but have many many grows under my belt ,learning and observing as you go,you need to experience problems to learn

    its hard to diagnose with limited info ,pictures speak volumes

    your problems seem so close to what i went through its scary, the spray sure as hell didnt hurt ,by the time you notice it its too late

    ganjas right about mother any probs start there,and is part of my prob too

    you cant let your buckets go dry

    ganga g go to your web site look on your problems page at the but rot pick on the picture of the whole plant and note the leaves,coinsidance .....maybe

    i just know when i see that on mine i spray the plant ,it gets better,my ph isnt out

    ive grown hydro for over ten years may be 15,never experienced this till now

    shit with that mother take more cuttings and move on,shame to waste a couple of weeks though
  7. yeah, i'd actualy call it a doner more than a mother ;) its in my flower room 3 days into 12/12 now

    the spider mights are moving small groupings around the mother, and a few scouts have hit my mutant clone.. the skiny one seems safe so far, but its sitting directly in front of my fan, so maybe that helps?
  8. mites suck,literally

    the ones you can see are the adults ,at 3 days old these are ready to lay 1000s of eggs ,the human eye cant see the young ones without a magnifying glass ,so to break the cycle ya need to spray every 3 days

    the hotter it is, the faster they multiply

    its hard to know how they get around ,i think they might piggy back a ride on midges or sand flies

    btw do you realise how insanely big those plants are going to grow
  9. most important ,the eggs and young mites live on the under side of the leaves so spray top and bottom
  10. Well its definitely not pythium root rot because if it were those stems would be black.
  11. well i guess the multitude of issues finaly took their toll. 1 for 6 on this mister cloner and the 1 doesnt even have roots yet..
    thanks for the help, but im pretty sure these were doomed from the start.

    i cant find any mites yet.. but i picked up some neem oil just incase

    yep! i cant wait! i've wanted to grow some huge ass plants since i made this room!

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