Black plauge ! (spots) and Mutant growth!

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  1. I've been spraying the rockwool cubes with PH corrected water, i dont normaly spray my clones as the mist provides enough water to support even full leafs. though i generaly do get some yellowing as they pull nutes to put down roots.

    i'm going to go play PH scientist.

    and maybe cut some clones and follow your clone video step for step :)

    Just for reference, here's what im used to on my cloner:

    Start: 3-17-07

    Finish: (more than finished.. hehe) 4-20-07

  2. ok, so the plants look way worse today,all the leafs in my mister are showing signs of abuse

    i checked the calibration of my pen and it was dead on last night. I even used my well water as a test ( still reading right at 8.2PH)

    Just now i added 35ML of PH down, 5ML of grow nutes, and 5 caps of H202 (medical grade, not garden) mixed up the resivore, checked the floats for the misters, (one isnt putting out as much due to age i guess) and gave everything a good folar spray from the new solution..

    here's the carnage:


    Here's my "control leaf" same leaf i've been doing close ups on (dif angle this time)

    Here's some new leaf damage:




    Here's the worst leaf from the rock wool set. i'm glad i have 12 here! they look like they might make it inspite of me.
  3. i think im going to buy one of those blue labs PH meters just in case..
  4. the bottom 2 pics are calcium def , thats where it begins, check your mothers, are they already starting the problem & by the time you get them a week in rock wool its full blown, try lowering the PH 6.0-6.5

    if you have a chemy ph test kit for backup thats good enough to trust
  5. ok i'll drop it even lower,, it was 7.0, prety high

    and yes, the mom was struggling a bit also.
  6. lets investigate your ferts then, this wasnt makin sense, but I believe we can fix this short order:D
  7. hey again, did you actually spray fungicide ,your getting sound advice from GG however ,your plants are deteriorating fast
    i do not think that you are lacking any specific mineral or trace element other than that of way of ph lock out as suggested by GG,your ferts are reputible brands and should contain every thing required,your first post said you had a ph of 6.2 so that sounded ok but you have wild fluctuations
    any way good luck
    do you really think hydrogen peroxide would help an your system,isnt foggers like the ultimate for oxyegenating ,or doesnt it have any venting of any kind
    btw i would cut off any realy bad leaves
    how many liters of water do you run
    do you know exactly what the humidity is in the room
  8. yeah i liberly sprayed down the plants with fungicide, and the top of the cloner, and the floro tubes, and the rock wool clones, and the rock wool itself.. umm and the wall and floor.. all around

    I lowered the PH a bit, i'll check on it in a few and see what she's at, the 5 gal bucket that the mom is sitting in goes empty in 2 days. I cant keep up with how fast the plant drinks water.. i really need to design some sort of rez, or auto fill system or something.

    once i get the system figured out i'll be set.. hell i didnt even intend this grow to be done in 5 gal buckets, i hated how needy they were last time, i wanted to move up to 11 or 18 gal tubs for my plant res's

    though i dont see how im locking out nutes when there's not even any roots established. i thought it couldnt be absorbed?

  9. thats kinda what i mean about deficiencys ,no roots minimal uptake to say the least

    correct ph still helps ofcourse

    i get mould like that when i clone too,you will notice the black spots have gone from the leaves and the resulting dead brown areas are way more than you can see till after the spray does its stuff,dont know if that makes sence,it destroys the leaf more than the naked eye can see

    even if your area has a low huminity too frequent misting encourages mould

    when cloning i spray fungiside as soon as there in the chamber, like their first misting to get the humidity up,just as a precaution ,cause i like the humidity up high initially so they dont wilt and die while im at work,i can gradually lower over the coming days

    keep following the instructions on the bottle regarding follow up dosing ,it sure as hell cant hurt any,good luck
  10. i have had powdery or downey mildew before ,this black spot is like boytritus ,like the grapes get and commonly called budrot on mature flowering heads

    its devestating if it gets on the growing tips,untreated it can turn your clones to mush in two days
  11. crazy, is this basicaly due to me not sanitizing my cloner? the parent plant doent show signs this bad, but then i found a small bit of spider mites on her too(i've been spraying every plant in the floor room with pesticide daily for two days now), so she's got other problems :(

    I definatly know i have compound problems here..
  12. OK I didnt know you spray fungicide/pesticide on everything, that makes another big difference

    did you post that & I missed it????? no matter we know now

    what brand of fungicide/pesticide spray?

    when I clone I used to use a humidity dome and never worried about fungus or mould on my clones, they are in a delicate state when they are cut, no roots to help them out, they feed on them selves at first and if they have been poisoned ???????

    some of the over the counter sprays work but also can cause damaged to MJ, Safers for example tears up 1 one of my strains badly the leaves begin the wilt and turn black & spot

    I think Id feed your mama's since she has some issues take more clones in a day or so and start again , with no pesticides or mould treatments on the cuttings & rockwool

    put a couple no pest strips in the grow room & use Neem oil I havent ever hurt a plant with Neem & it always works, you must spray every 3 days for 9-12 days
  13. I caught it pretty early on the mom i think:

    Used this to kill em, or at least i have been every day for 3 days now

    same brand of fungicide i belive, i've only used it 3 times also...

    im thinking the mom being in an abused state really hurt me here. not a very controlled starting.
  14. I seriously think the spray had the biggest part in this, That spray ruined one of my plants on a test, it maybe my strain I doubt it, but I never had a plant get harmed by 70% strength Neem Oil & I use it exclusively now

    3 table spoons to 1 litre of water 5 drops dishsoap, spray the plant (drench them) undersides of leaves aswell
    re-apply every 3 days for 9-12 days

    you can also add a few No Pest Strips to the grow room and turn off the fans & lights a few hours

    get things in check start your clones again, I think you will breeze thru

  15. hellooo,the fungus spray stopped the problem ,it was applied AFTER the black spot occured ,read the thread

    sanitising the cloner may not have helped ,the mould spores are in the air all around us by the millions ,when conditions are right ie too danp it florishes

    healthy plants are less suceptable to mould,some strains are more resistant

    i have been living in mould hell for the last 2 months its winter here,it sucks ,hopefully you can minimise the damage
  16. I have 2 questions:

    1] Should rock wool plants not have a pH from 5.2-5.8?

    2] Are we sure it is not over fert? Some of the pictures look fert burned to me.
  17. fungi also feeds on mite excretions (shit)loves it

    the spots started on ph adjusted water only at first if i remember correct

    i use Yates maverik insect and mite spray for mites, funnily enough,dont know if you get it there

    and Yates greenguard protectant and systemic fungicide for young ones it leaves a chalky kinda residue,and baking powder solution for bud rot

    a friend uses neem oil with success ,i never tried it thinking oil could possibly block the plants pores

    there are a lot of weaker more organic mite sprays fatty acids like soap which stops the little suckers sucking,but you wanna wipe them out in veg stage forever
  18. 1: yeah 5.5-6.0 is what i shoot for 5.7-5.8 is ideal

    i thought i was closer to that, i dropped the PH of my mister and the solution im spraying the rockwool clones.

    the mister cloner has basicaly killed the 6 in it. but the 12 in the rockwool dotn lookt oo bad off.

    the PH was 7.0 from the start for the mister solution, i was spraying the rockwool clones with 6.0ish water

    no nutes in either

    I just recently added 5ml of nutes to roughly 11gal of water. for the mister, and 35ml of PH down (to bring it down from 7.0)
  19. hows things going beter /worse? pics?
  20. much worse, they are basicaly dead. too bad.

    one of my misters is basicaly not working, that could be the flaw in my system.

    the horror show:

    Control leaf:

    Dryed out leaf

    zero stem activity


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