Black plauge ! (spots) and Mutant growth!

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  1. ok, so i have a sonic fogger clone set up, water is 6.2PH 280PPM (thats how my water comes, no nutes added)

    here's 2 days progression:

    Worst leaf in the bunch:

    Now, two days later :


    and again, the same "worst leaf"

    aaaaaaaand here's the mutant growth i have:

    here's a multi branch shot:

    info for the mutant: it was a clone that i sexed to see what my big plants sex was.. and then i transplanted it to my veg room, its pretty freaky, has tons of single blade leafs like this :


    Here's the jurnal for the grow:

    any thoughts or ideas? the mutant im not so worried about, its got explosive veg growth,,

    the clones, those i'm worried about!
  2. The mutant, I have no fucking clue. That's an odd looking plant.

    For the brown spots.. that looks like a heat issue.. I know you're using floros above them but how hot is it? Thats exactly how they look after being burnt by a lamp thats too close.
  3. its like 68-72 degrees down there, and those floros, they aren't hot to the touch, ive had groups of clones go through before where they were grown around the floro tubes and still fine.. if anything i'd say its too cool down there :(

    i was thinkng maybe an 02/c02 issue? the air is somewhat stagnant down there, but its a biiigggg area *under the house*

    the stem diam. on the clone with the worst leaf is way smaller than i like. i'd say 3mm. so its definatly got a big strike against it.
  4. mordgrow

    Im not familiar with that cloner, is it hydro?
  5. hmm, you could definatly call it hydro.

    Its an 11gal rubbermade with 6 net pots suspended by the lid with 2 ultra sonic foggers (on floats) in the "solution" below the plants

    so the area between the lid and the water is packed with super fine micron mist. the mist will suspend nutes too, but i currently dont have any mixed in.

    there's a lot of detail on it in my 1st grow thread and my grow room set up too i think (parts used to build it, the sucess of it)

    I duno it used to be so fool proof. now im getting wierd issues.
  6. You are right ,the black plague is fungus or mold ,any fungiside will clear it up ,however watch humidity lower as necesary to prevent reoccurance
    Do you have roots yet if so start adding nutes gradually
  7. mutant growth is common on plants that have had their photo period(light cycles)messed around with nothing to worry about
    spray fungisde today,it spreads like wild fire
  8. Hmm, i supose it could be a fungi of some sort, but i highly doubt that. my humidity is always extreamly low (helps the plants draw water up faster, which brings nutes up faster, which makes the plant grow faster)

    it really doesnt look like any sort of fungal growth that i've seen, anyone else agree with that?

    i can take more detailed pictures. but i think it shows a pretty good gradual death of the leaf due to... something...

    there are no roots yet, this set of clones are 4 days "old" (cut off the mother)
  9. the leaves are yellowing as a natural progression towards rooting nothing to worry about ,however you should never see black spots
    on your second photo you can clearly see the colony growing from the center out ,when you spray the black spot will dissapear and you will be left with brown dead leaf material
  10. ok, i'll have to go find some.. heh

    I guess i should hit my other plants just to be safe? or only where i see spots like this.. its so close to nuteburn (well not really i guess) that i thought it was that, i guess i need to disenfect my cloner eh?
  11. definatly spray every plant and the whole cloner inside ,but let dry out a while then resume normal humidity
    you can google natural fungiside like baking powder but i dont think it kills the spores
  12. [​IMG]

    this should work eh? just made it to the hydro store b4 it closed ;)

    ahh my cloner is just kinda sitting in the corner of the area its in.. so just spray around there?

    im just gonna go spray the whole area down.. haha


    Yep, just sprayed the whole area, the walls near the plants, the floro light tubes, the cloner its self (though i didnt open it up and spray inside the mist/solution area.. do i need to do that?) tops of the leafs, under the leafs.. umm then a few random sprays at the stalks and bases of the clones.. heh

    im gonna go do my flower room next
  13. the mutant is normal when re vegging

    the clones dont have a fungus IMO thats taking over pretty damned fast for 4 days, they have too many defencies showing that arent a fungus, & the stalks are begining to turn purple, which usually in the vegatative state is a phosphorus def, clorosis has started , the necrosis is a severe calcium or potassium def matter what it actual def's are they exist

    I believe ph is a problem, the spotting is another indication of ph as well as the wild twisting the leaves are doing

    how are you measuring the ph & do you have a backup method of checking the ph

    I would take a couple cuttings that are in the best conditon & put them in a glass with bottled water, this will mostly likely keep them safe till we sort this out
  14. Thanks ganj, thats a lot more logical answer, as i've had a few PH swings in the veg room, and honestly this doesnt look like fungi to me. but i've nvr delt with it so i could be wrong ;).

    I'm a lazy grower and it shows :( I run my PPMs higher than i should ( i think it benifits the plants) and try to keep PH under control, but not as diligently as i should, I need to build a rez system and hook up the pump i bought so i can flush my plants more often, right now i'm doing an "add back" method, which often ends up with wildy out of control nute solutions (which is about when i move the plant to a new bucket with fresh solution.. heh)

    Im using a digital PH pen to check PH levels. I can go do another sample right now...

    these didnt come off the plant exactly perfect.. they had some leaf damage there too (PH swings)
    the solution they are sitting in has zero nutes added, just PH down to 6.2 and some rooting gel.

    on a side note: i've used this with well water (filtered and softened) and the plants have rooted fine.. (ph is 8.xx from my well)

    the rock wool cubes got soaked for an hour in PH ballanced water (that i changed twice) then i shook off some exess water and put the cutings in them.
  15. PH has gone up a little, but 7.0 isnt bad for cut plants is it?

  16. do you have 7.0 & 4.0 calibrating solution and when did you last calibrate that pen

    go to my website (see lnk below) watch the streaming video I made on PH & flushing I own one of those meters & you need to see the video
  17. watching the video now ;)

    i calobrated about 4 months ago with 7 and 4. ( i think there's another screw for adjustment on the PH pen that you didn't mention, its near the battery spot, you adjust that for the upper limit)

    Just watched your PH vid (mostly geared to soil grows) good stuff though ! and your cloning vid.

    I do most the things you do in your clone vid, i didnt chop my leafs though, and my lights are super close to the cuttings..

    maybe i'll go back to soil for my clones and stick with hydro on the grow (ive been happy with it, no matter how much i mess up I can flush and start over and they do fantastic!)
  18. the point wanted you to see was that same pen went out of calibration while making the video, & I use a ph chemy kit as a backup..I have had issue with that pen myself

    your correct I didnt talk about the second screw inside that pen body every pen has them different I was afraid everyone would take the pens apart that maybe didnt need it
  19. cool

    watched your Honey oil vid too, you mentioned a final step but to evap the butane from the oil, but never showed it.

    I love your videos! and your web site!

    back to my plants. i'm going to go calibrate my pen right now, should i cut leafs or add something or.... ?

    btw, ive had constant purple stems on every grow i have.
    Here's the arsenel i pull from to grow:
    (i also use a pinch of epson salt every 5 gal mix up of liquid solution)

    is there something else that would fix the

    issues? (Phos. is what im worried bout)
  20. yes the beginning and the end were chopped, my mug was in them, it was made for a friend, but one of our members was anxious and knew I had the video (the final step was to put the bottle of oil in a cup of hot water to finish the evaporation)

    I will redo the oil video soon and add more videos as the requests are made

    I believe a ph correction is needed, and do you foliar spray the clones? if so check the PH there too

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