Black Pit or Wolf Dog?

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Since I messed up the poll and you can't vote twice, if you pick both, specify in your post if you had to choose one what tho choice would be.

    I've been attached to wolf dogs for an extremely long time now. I've done much reading up on them and they're amazing animals. I've never really been into pits but ever since I've been going to my buddy's house i now know I have a love for them too. They both very high maintenance animals but are also highly pack driven, more so than other dogs, so its occurred to me that it may be best to get both as puppies as expensive as it may be.

    I'm wanting one like Sequoia or Lakota Wind Talker another option is a white german Shepard cross . I'm looking anywhere from 40%-65% wolf. The black pitt is pretty self explanatory. All black with white underbelly.

    Words can't describe how bad I want both, I only see this happening if I get a straight apartment or if I put a down payment on a house next year. Also, i must take into consideration the person I may potentially be rooming with wants a pit, and 3 huge mutts are too many, so i'd either have to cut him or take the chance of my dog packing and becoming family with his then having him move away. Wolf are huge pack animals. They don't think of you as a companion but family.

    One more thing to consider is I live in FL, a heavy haired dog will be hot as hell. I know one man who had one and it would go in peoples yards and dig 6' holes to cool off.

    Should I get them fixed? I know most people do but I wasn't sure about purebred or exotic animals?
  2. Go with the wolf. Pits are cool, but they're so unpredictable, well in my experience anyways...
  3. After watching the dog whisperer i'm convinced they can be wonderful dogs. :p
  4. wolf!!!

    DO IT! I <3 my wolf dog!
  5. Pits really are unpredictable animals. They can be nice loyal dogs, but something in their brain just doesn't seem to be balanced right. And that one day that you piss it off and your once nice pit does bite you, you're gonna regret ever owning one. Their jaws are like vice grips, hurts like a MOTHERFUCKER.

    I would say go with the wolf. In my experience they are extremely loyal and intelligient.

    But being in florida, personally I would go for something a little less northern, like a lab, or even a more inside dog, though you don't sound like you want a little inside dog. I know I love mini schnauzers and I'll probably always have one.

  6. I actually love westies and terriers I was going to get one of them to be my wolf's buddys. I will deffinitly eventually get a second dog and theres a good chance that would be it. That was the original choice before the pit. From what i've read if I have a wolf its pretty important to have a companion for it

    VV wolves are some of the nicest most family oriented dogs you can have. They just have a different style. I wouldn't mind a lab for a second dog either. I want something playful.
  7. For some reason I like goofy dogs,like BullDogs and wiener dogs,but if I was going to get a mean dog I would get a wolf....Something about wolf's seem cool and mystical.

    I heard they eat fallen angel's,heard that from an Ill Bill song.....
  8. No pit fans?
  9. Yeah, gotta watch the heat. My family and I used to own a husky and went to church one day and came back and the poor things keeled over because the heat. Or that's what we assumed.
  10. I like pits alot, my girl has an albino pit and shes one of my favorite dogs. She sleeps under the covers..
  11. Another thing I'm about with the wolf is every picture i've seen of them have been caged. Then again I know a guy who has a 60% one living in his house and it's fine. It's a tank though, 6' long dog kickin it.

    We'll since you've had experience with both can you tell me a little about their personalities or any characteristics. Did your husky have wolf in it?

    My mom's bf has a lot of land so thats not really an issue so I have a place to bring it thats very roomy. I would never cage it up there though.
  12. The pit can get pretty wild at times just like any other dogs. No harm intended just a crazy ass dog, like jumping from sofa to sofa and running around the house. But as far as that goes it's not like a constant thing. The dog seems loyal to her and that's what matters. She listens, knows when shes done something wrong, and will obey almost all the time, but you gotta' remember she's still young. She's young though. My girl's uncle is the one that got her the pit and he told me when your buying a pit bull you really have to look at whose selling them to you and how the dogs he has are, because you obviously know some pit-bulls can be crazy ass dogs.

    As far as the husky goes, I was maybe 5 or 6 so I remember like next to nothing.
  13. Sounds like every other pit i've seen :p
  14. I'd go with the Wolf mix too

    i myself am lookin at getting a Giant Malamute..just gotta locate a breeder
  15. I don't know what I want my wolf crossed with. I really like the two from my first post (obviously I'll get pups) and deciding between that is hard enough. I think the straight white one would be sick with a black pit, which i will get if i have enough room..

    Should I neuter or not?

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