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Black phlegm

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 420DongIt, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Hey, so after i got home from amsterdam, i got a cold and had fever, the fever only lasted for some days, but the cold is still somewhat there, my nose is running and i cough alot, but now there is this black stuff coming up when i cough, i only smoke weed, i smoke everyday buy this has never happened before, should i see a doctor?
  2. I also cunsome tobacco but i dont smoke it, dont know if that matters, also ordered a vape pen, maybe switching to vape?
  3. Sounds like smoking leaves tar in the lungs, you being sick, maybe coughing up phlegm and tars coming up with it. Happens

    And to save my butt because i live in a country where ones opinion can be held as fact and tried against oneself in the court of law.

    My advice is to see a doctor. Its not a waste of anything. Who cares if we can use the internet to properly (assuming you're of average intellect) diagnose ourselves these days. They have the authority to give ya pills to combat the sickness

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  4. Alright thanks!
  5. This has happened to me with black and nasty phlegm. I did go see a doctor and they did some breathing tests and i was fine. They said I had bronchitis from smoking too much.
  6. I've been a heavy smoker for a long time including cigarettes and have never coughed up black shit that wasn't from a bowl hitting me in the back of the throat..

    I'd be going to a doctor ASAP..
  7. Have you had dark green phlem? What about yellow or brown? Cause every "heavy" smoker I believe coughs up that shit.

    Heavy smoker as in smoking every day, every 2 hours. The next level is smoking as much as rappers do. Thats as heavy as u can smoke as they have blunts lit at all times almost and can take a hit at will.
  8. U positive it aint blood? Internal bleeding is a darker color than bleeding from a scrap or cut

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