black people tearing it up to death metal

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. i found this vid funny. found it on and decided to pass it along. it's footage of urban street dancers dubbed with death metal syncronized together. it looks rather humorous so take a look
  2. eh, mildly funny.
  3. that dance is a westcoast dance called krump.. it looks stupid as hell, along with this video..
    i find nothing humorous about it.
  4. I have a friend that did that. He called it a seizure.

    Something to do with epilepsy.

    Crazy kids and your dancing.
  5. When i clicked on this thread I was expecting to find a discussion on Black people in Death Metal. I was about to yell out SUFFOCATION!!!

    But this is just sadly disspointing, even somewhat depressing.
  6. that shit gave me a headache i had to toke another bowl had my headphones on turned it off after like 2 secs
  7. jeezl, i guess no one likes my thread then
    *cuts self while lisenting to my chemical romance*

  8. amazing band!

    ........ yeah right.
  9. whatever band that was in the background.....they just murdered death metal.

    *edit* in case thats kind of vague, that band sucked.
  10. Okay so i love metal .. metalcore .. hardcore.. ect ect.. and that band SUCKS .. i think its converge ? idk .. i hate that high pitch scream so ya.. idk really

    Neway .. This video . .im assuming.. is 100% fake.. i .. again assume.. that its black dudes dancing to their normal hiphop / rap music and a kid just put a .mp3 to it.. a few reasons for this..

    1. its ALL black guys / girls in the video.. u know how fuckin rare that is!?! .. like its not that its impossible.. cause i kno black dudes that are hardcore but .. not a group of them.. thers not one white kid dancing..

    2. the style of dance is NOTHING like a hardcore dance would be..

    this is what it would look like if it were hxc music perhaps ..

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