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black out head rushes

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by grambags, May 22, 2010.

  1. i used 2 never get this. but since like 6 months now. after im pretty high when i stand up
    i get a fat head rush and i go blind for about a second or 2

    does anybody els get this
  2. yea, I get that too. Its not because of the weed though...
  3. Yeah it is about the weed. Sometimes after taking some hits and sitting down, you can get a head rush when you stand up. I don't really know what its about, but other people I know have had them occasionally, and its always after smoking.
  4. Yeaaa I've got em, and they actually feel pretty good lol... it's not like all black though... everything just looks like real confusing and disorted and I get light headed and dizy for a couple seconds until my brain "focuses" the image again lol
  5. I get them even on my T-breaks. :p I also get a splitting fucking headache for about 3 or 4 seconds before it goes away completely.
  6. I think because it's your starting a trend of not drinking enough fluids/water when you smoke. Drink alot more water. I went through a phase like this 8 months ago, it was just how you said everytime except one time.

    I was blazin, sitting on the floor listening to music and when I stood up I went completely blind and deaf. I couldn't see or hear at all (ears ringing), the music slowly faded back in after at least 5 minutes and I could see after 8 min (all my guesses :cool:). Seriously scary shit, still don't know what happened though.
  7. It's the blood rushing away from your brain when you suddenly stand up.
  8. I get these every now and then, I actually love them. Rarely I'll get them where my vision gets all spotty to the point I can't see anything, and I get crazy light headed, it's awesome.
  9. Guess ill be the one to give an actual medical response. It has to do with the levels of blood sugar as well as the blood pressure in your body at the given time that you stand up, If it happens just drink something sugary and it probably wont happen again for the rest of the night
  10. that happens to me when im blasted sittin at my comp which is literally 5 steps (yea i actually just got up and measured it out hahaha) away from my fridge and when i open my fridge door things get like grainey vision and like greyish and tunnel vision and i get light headed and occasionally a 2 second blackout, but after that i just get my drink and go on with my day lol
  11. i think its got to do a lot with low sugar levels and low blood pressure

    happened to me a couple of times. it usually more intense very late at night, when i am are very tired.
  12. saw my doctor about that, its actually just due to dehydration. so grab something to wash down that cotton mouth ;)
  13. used to happen to me all the time regardless of being high or not...has to do with blood pressure i think
  14. If you're sitting, and you stand up too fast, this can happen to you. Don't stand up so damn fast.
  15. I get them quite a bit, whoever said it is related to marijuana, that is not so.

    I actually don't think I've ever had it happen when I'm high, but when I'm on the computer and get up I get them and just have to sit back down or stretch until it goes away.

    I think it has to do with blood pressure or something.
  16. The only time this happens to me is after taking a pretty big hit. Maybe once or twice when I've stood up after being down for awhile, but mostly just after taking a big rip.

    But whoever said it feels good, I totally agree. There's like a 2 or 3 second mad headache, but the way I feel when it's happening is worth it. It really is like a 5-8 second blackout, but I'm down with it.
  17. I used to occasionally get this when my tolerence was really low.

    A lot of people get this when they start smoking blunts. the tobacco/weed mixture can make some people black out and not see for a minuet or two. happened to my friend n we were hella high we thought he was kidding so we left him and went inside to eat n 4got he was out there. came in like 5 mins l8er like wtf you guys left me lol.
  18. tis happens to me when i take a fat as bong toke. i took one the other week and i passed the fuck out and woke up on the floor all like what the fuck. apparently its caused by low blood pressure in the veins around the skull
  19. #19 HT, May 23, 2010
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    i once was chillin on the stoop with a couole of my boys just chillin getin high smokin a few dutchs

    and i was the furthest on the left so when i passed it i had to get it back to the start on the i stand up beause the far right man in this case is not on the stoop but chillin on a rail a few steps in front...

    so as i get up i to the hand off i go completely blank. dunno wtf is goin on, next thing i feel is my boys arms around me catching me as i damn near almost fell face first n cracked my head open on the rail.

    we all laughed.
  20. yeah but its not from weed, just a blood flow thing

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