black or blueberry kush dwc

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  1. So I cracked 4 bagseeds I have held onto for a while. I know it is either black or blue berry kush or some of each but I do know those are the only 2 options. So now I'm vegging under a 400w mh (overkill I know but the next best thing I have is weak 2' t12s) my plan is to keep this my veg/mother box and get a 1000w hps system and build a 5x5' tent. Like everyone perpetual is the goal. Right now I am testing 2 different nute lines. HydroponX and Simply Central/Grow/Flower. Both bargain nutes but have given me high end results once before(well hydroponX at least SC is new to me) I am using the full product line of both and have quite a few addies for later in flower but I do use a little Snow Storm Ultra for the roots during veg and I definatly notice it there. I also use calc-carb, silica, and hydroponX foliar spray.

    So I will start a journal soon but I wanted to get some pics ideas out. My box does still need work like a better paint job and I know I need to spray my buckets black. This is them at 14 days



  2. Lookin good, some blackberry kush is in my area right now it is some good smoke, good luck!
    and i agree with you, u need to paint those buckets black the sooner the better!
  3. Blackberry and blueberry have to be some of my favorites which is of course why I have hung onto the seeds so long. bluberry allways smokes like blackberrys hyper little brother

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