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  1. Well the multiplayer trailer is out and I'm not sure if I'm Gonna buy it, it doesn't look that good. I've already sold all my other cods and I just feel like a burden has been lifted from me cause they make me rage so hard. So idk if I wanna stress myself out by buying it because theres always gonna be idiots that buy the game and abuse every glitch they can and just play like douches. But then again it will have zombies which is fun...
  2. yeah i'm getting it. If you have decent connection, it's chill. though they better do something about clans (usually losers who can't do well on gamebattles) in the lobbys. If you're in a team, chances are you're going to get host/win without even trying.
  3. I have a good connection, I got host in mw3 like a third of the time but because iw is run by dumb fucks my connection always got fucked with because they had that thing that made good connections worse.
  4. I don't really enjoy CoD too much, but I still play Black Ops with my girlfriend from time to time. The multiplayer looks pretty good for Black Ops 2 but I can't say I'll be picking it up. Maybe once it drops in price.
  5. New zombies is the only appealing aspect of black ops2, the call of duty franchise for that matter

    Imo, of course
  6. i am looking forward to the tomahawk
  7. black ops is the last CoD i liked. i still play it, fuck MW3... ill buy BlackOps2 for the fuck of it.

    oh and OP, you didnt post the video? way to be....
  8. heard a rumor about no second chance/noob tubes. gonna be awesome if thats true
  9. [quote name='"misael"']heard a rumor about no second chance[/quote]

    pretty sure they said the same thing for MW3
  10. they may have said the same thing but i been seeing the same talk and the community is supporting the removal of death streaks and the tubes with only be able to be used in non hardcore matches
  11. This game just came out last year. Why would you buy it.
  12. It's just the same thing over and over and over and over again.... I can't believe you guys actually fall for it.
  13. [quote name='"s0mekind"']It's just the same thing over and over and over and over again.... I can't believe you guys actually fall for it.[/quote]

    I'm pretty sure people realize what they're paying for. Why people feel the need to complain about other peoples purchases os beyond me.
  14. im gonna grab BO2 for sure

    seems cool being set in like 2025 or somethin
  15. I might get it. Only for zombies though. I skipped on MW3 for this reason.
  16. They must be making a killing on those games, theyre always coming out with a new one

  17. I feel the need to complain because the video game industry is going to die soon if it keeps up like this. CoD is pretty much the only game that most gamers play nowadays and they're running out of ideas. When can you remember the last time a highly innovative game came out that made it stand out from the rest? Oh and by the way, those overpriced map packs that come out were already developed (or at least almost finished) by the time the game came out. They just figured they could make a few extra bucks by withholding content that should of already been there in the first place. Call of Duty: Elite is such a big scam.
  18. The people who only play CoD are casual gamers who probably wouldn't be playing many games even Call of Duty didn't exist. You can't say one franchise is killing the entire industry. In fact I'd say companies fucking over customers, such as EA, is more harmful to the industry than CoD selling.

    And can you prove all these DLC maps were developed before the game was released? And that's beside the point, because you do know that discs have a limited data space and that it would've been impossible to include all the DLC maps on it, right?
  19. 6.5 million copies in the first week seems like more than casual gamers.
  20. I believe he's right. Been hearing that there won't be final stand/second chance/whatever in BO2. Treyarch's gunna do this one right. Can't wait to get it.

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