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Black Ops Map Pack

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PeacefulStoner, May 3, 2011.

  1. Anyone get the new Escalation map pack yet for 360? I'm deciding if im gonna buy it or not :smoke:
  2. if it costs equivalent in ms points as 15 dollars then its a big rip off id never pay that for couple of maps

  3. Yeah your right it is a rip off, but i just bought them lol. I couldn't resist.

    They're really awesome though, the zombie map is insane
  4. #4 Gods Boner, May 3, 2011
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    Nice dude xbox?

    Nevermind just saw. Add me if you want my gamer tag- Fah Lashe Me I'll be on later
  5. Yeah I'm probably gonna pick the new pack up pretty soon. I'm trying to fight it though black ops is pissing me off, and now I gotta pay 15 bucks to get pissed off in a new setting, Kinda blows.
  6. Except I know the Zombies is gonna rock. So maybe that is gonna make it worth it.
  7. #7 The Audion, May 3, 2011
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    The last good call of duty game was modern warfare. mw2 sucked and world at war was a joke. call of duty 3. those were the fucking days man.

    never played black ops but as its made by treyarch i have to assume i wont enjoy it. plus xbl is even more expensive now.
  8. 4% downloaded lol

  9. why did MW2 suck? If you play competitively I can see why, like I do, but the public match is great... great maps... guns... killstreaks, everything everyone asked for
  10. Be lucky you can even play these great games. All are different and fit different people. Nobody cares. lmao

  11. It just got a little too chaotic with all the new features. It really took the challenge away like in MW. In that game you had to sacrifice some perks for attachments and whatnot. Made you concentrate on your playing style a little more instead of spaying and praying like some 10 year olds playing halo.
  12. Ill agree COD4 was the best in terms of using skill, But MW2 was fun to me. I still enjoy playing it, even with all Claymores and Noob-Tubes.

  13. Agreed. I miss playing COD online. All the guys I use to play with are done with it.
  14. Zombies are fun, me and my friend got to level 42 (just us two) on Escalation.

    But in the end, I sold Black Ops to amazon for 2 reasons:

    (1) Bought myself a nice grinder and jar
    (2) BATTLEFIELD 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *every TDM game I played was filled with modded controllers and hackers... fun?
  15. Just got it this morning lol loving it!
  16. I bought all the MW2 DLC and Ascension. I think I'll skip on this one. I feel ripped off already.
  17. didn't escalation just come out today? and you got to level 42? and then sold it? wtf? lol... i think i just saw a bull take A huge shit :D
  18. Im not getting it but the only good thing on it is the new single by avenged sevenfold fold!!
  19. 42 days on cod4.

    I worked out once out of how many minutes in an hour I spent on cod and it wasn't a small number, like 7 or something.
  20. I'm really debating getting the map pack mostly just for the new zombie pack really... might just watch Hobo with a Shotgun tho...

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