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  1. Anyone getting the new DLC for Black Ops Tuesday?
  2. nope

    they could have easily had these maps in the game at release
  3. Well depending. Sometimes companys like to surprise you or make you wait just to piss you off. or to see how well the game is going tons of reason.
  4. I'm selling my Black Ops for Battlefield BC2, so no I will not be getting them.
  5. [​IMG]

    this is what I call real DLC... Not to mention the 7 map packs that I didn't have to pay for.
  6. Yall are crazy if your not getting First Strike. Who cares about the four multi maps, one word. Ascension!

  7. or they know everyone will spend money on them so they make DLC's

  8. One map is not worth $10.

  9. Uhh every game developer is doing this increasingly more. Instead of making sure they're happy with their 60 dollar purchase, we can just squeeze more out of em! :rolleyes:

  10. im well aware.
  11. thats just gravy:p
  12. these companies release these DLCs because they know hardcore fans of the series, like me, will buy it. $10 isn't THAT bad. and plus, its 5 new maps. good deal if you ask me
  13. the maps are small enough as it is... shouldn't cost a dime...already paid my 65$ for the game
  14. 10 or 15??

    Sadly I think the Black Ops MP sucks and I only play it for zombies. So as said before:

    One Work: Ascension.

    A lil disapointing that Im payin that much for one map but I aint got much else goin atm lol.

  15. Why all the negativity? Everyone should have seen the map pack coming, its how COD has been releasing new maps for years now.

    Im getting it as soon as I can tomorrow, looking forward to the zombies and the new multiplayer maps. Zombie monkeys look pretty interesting :p plus Im going to need to learn these maps fast if im going to stay on top of the competition :D
  16. oh ill still buy it i just think its some crap :D
  17. I'm getting it, don't really care that much about new multiplayer maps but its a plus, I'm only really getting First Strike for the zombie map.

    Really guys is $10 really that much to you?
  18. its not the cost its the fact that they coulda had these maps in at release but no they need to take another 10$ from me, already spent the exorbitant amount of 65$ for their game

    plus with MW3 due out november 2011, why am i paying 10$ for maps im gonna be playing for 9 months? mind you all of these maps could have made release
  19. well considering i downloaded the game, im kinda obligated to buy it lol

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