Black Ops anyone?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by jayhawks22, May 9, 2011.

  1. I'm sick of playing TDM, pm me if your trying to get a party started and win some games :smoke:

    gamertag- aces420
  2. I'm getting kinda burnt out on it I think(Come on, just one more level). Been giving Zombies a shot last few weeks, kinda effed up trying to find a game but... there's friggin zombies :)
  3. i'm down. not at the xbox atm but def down to get a party started sometime hahah
    gamertag tbrown852
  4. no worries ill send you a request, if you ever see me playin just send an invite we'll get some shit started
  5. I'll send you a request when everything is up and running again what do you have a ps3 or xbox360?
  6. 360 , is PSN down or something?
  7. dude if xbox live was a person i would have shot him in the head by now.
  8. haha agreed
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    Aww wack:/ yeah someone hacked into and took a shit load of peoples information so they shut down everything for like almost a whole month now!!
  10. Add me: tha wiz man... for xbox of course
  11. I'm playing a shit ton, and I'm high 80% of the time. Always down to party with someone to talk to.

    Add me: HandDownMyPants
  12. am I the only one that can't stand this shit??
    WaW is where its at. :cool:
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    WaW meaning world at war?
  14. Gamertag:BBH I Psycho I
    add me for some ground war or anything else
  15. I'm in , ps3 - woodridgegamer . Add me.
  16. Gamertag's HammeredKomodo. Add me for some Hardcore Search and Destroy or Hardcore anything, really. I'm rather... *takes sunglasses off and smiles* Hardcore.
  17. ps3 - burnie92

    tbh, i was getting a bit bored of BO but maybe playing clan matches might be more interesting.

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